Town Elsinore
previous King of Denmark Old Hamlet
Queen of Denmark Gertrude
Previous King of Norway Old Fortinbras
Fight over land Old Hamlet v Old Fortinbras (denmark v norway)Old Hamlet killed Old Fortinbras and got the land
King of Norway (current) Old Norway–Old Fortinbras brother
How it was thought Old Hamlet died He liked to take naps in the garden-it was thought that he was bitten by a venimous snake
Gertrude’s 2nd Husband Claudius, Old Hamlets brother
King of Denmark (current) Claudius
How many months after Old Hamlets death does Gertrude remarry 1 month
Play begins __months after Old Hamlets death 2
Act 1
time ghost appears 1 am
who does the ghost look like Old Hamlet
voice of reason Horatio
Hamlet’s school friend Horatio
Why gurard have Horatio talk to ghost ghost might talk to him since he is a scholar
example of pathetic fallacy ghost
meaning of crow crowing morning/dawn–ghost must leave
night crow crows all night Christmas
Polonius’s children Laertes and Ophelia
Polonius Claudius’s chief advisor
have young love ophelia and hamlet
Laertes question to the king to go back to school in France
makes Hamlet heir Claudius
Hamlet’s school Wittenburg in Germany
why won’t Hamlet commit suicide it is a sin
according to Hamlet why are women weak his mom married
what Old Hamlet ghost wears armor from head to toe
Laertes advice to Ophelia dont take love too seriously
Polonius advice to Laertes think before speaking; find a few good friends to hold onto; dont start fights but finish any fights you enter with courage; listen to all; clothes make the man; dont borrow or lend
“dont borrow or lend” if you borrow you are living out of your means and if you lend you may not get it back
Polonius thought on Ophelia and Hamlet’s love thinks Hamlet’s love is a trap
what does Hamlet do when he sees the ghost follows the ghost
what ghost tells Hamlet he was murdered by Claudius–poured hebona in ear
Hamlet’s flaw thnks too much and doesnt act quickly
Old Hamlet’s murder as a double horror killed by his brother before he could repent his sins
what ghost tells Hamlet leave his mother to her guilt and into heavenuncle is always smiling but is a vilian underneath
Gertrude and Claudius marry out of lust
Horatio and Marcellus swear on a sword
meaning of swearing on sword shaped like a cross-swar on their souls
Hamlet’s plan to confirm what ghost said act mad
Hamlet’s wish he wasnt born and wasnt the one to avenge his fathers death
Act 2
Polonius reason for Hamlets death mad with love for Ophelia and Ophelia rejected him
Reynaoldo sent by Polonius to spy on Laertes
Rosencrantz and Guidenstern childhood friends of HamletKing and Queen call them to find out whats wrong with Hamlet
Voltimand and Cornelius sent to check on Fortinbras army
Gertrude’s reason for Hamlet being mad fathers death and quick marriage
Fortinbras wants to attack who after stopped by Old Norway Poland
fishmonger seller of fish, pimp
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern reason why Hamlet is mad he didnt get the crown
Play proformed The Murder of Gonzago
Act 3
Act 3 is also called Hamlets act
Meaning behind Hamlet’s soliloque “to be or not to be…” still has desire for suicide but dosent know what the next world holdswho would put up with evil in the world when you can kill yourself and suffer for 1 sec and die but cant go back if the next world is worse than this world
Hamlet is a ____ renassiance man-scholar but mind is gone
King Claudius plan for Hamlet believes he is not mad so he will be sent to England to get money
Hamlets advice to players (actors) dont act over exaggerated but well
watched Claudius during the play Horatio
stotic use your mind and not your emotions (Horatio)
why Horatio needs to watch the play he is fair and just
Play occurs how long after Hamlet talked to the ghost 2 months
Hamlet calls the play___ Mousetraphe is trying to trap the king
King sends them to England with Hamlet Rosenctantz and Guildenstern
Two purposes for prayer to be pardonedstrength to not sin
why cant Claudius ask for forgiveness he still has the kingdom and is married
why doesnt Hamlet kill Claudius he thinks he is praying-repenting-doesnt want Clauduis to go to Heaven
kills Polonius Hamlet–thinks he was the king
what Hamlet tells his mother not to go to Claudius’s bed anymore and not let him tempt you.
Act 4
What does the king want to do with Polonius body put it in the chapel and have a quick burrial
Who does the king think will be blamed for Polonius death him and Gertrude–why did they let Hamlet walk around knowing he was mad
What does Hamlet say about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern the are like sponges and the king is just using them
Why cant Claudius punish Hamlet for killing Polonius the people love Hamlet
Where does Hamlet tell Claudius Polonius body is it is in the dirt
Why does Claudius write to England telling the king to kill Hamlet as soon as he lands in England
difference between animals and humans humans have the ability to reason
what does Hamlet realize after he knows that Fortinbras is going to attack poland that he needs to act on the idea of killing Claudius
Why is Fortinbras invading Poland over a worthless piece of land
Hamlets motivation seeing Fortinbras build his army
Why has Ophleia gone mad?` her father was killed and quickley burriedher brother (Laertes) is in FranceHamlet, the man she loved, killed her father
Rosemary symbol of remembrance
Why has Laertes returned to Denmark to find out exactly what happened
does Claudius feel bad for the quick burrial yes
what does Claudius tell Leartes about Polonius death Laertes can have the crown id he can prove Claudius guilty for Polonius death
Where have Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern gone to England
what happens while at sea Hamlet sees a pirate ship and jumps onto it, the pirates take Hamlet back to Denmark, R&G continue to England
Why cant Claudius kill Hamlet himself the people love hamlet and the queen loves her son and Claudius loves the queen
Laertes response when Claudius asks him to help kill Hamlet he must be the one to kill Hamlet
Laertes special sport fencing
praised Laertes skill in fencing Lamord
To what extreme would Laertes do to get revenge on Hamlet he would sin
Plan to kill Hamlet Laertes and Hamlet have a fencing match–Laertes will take the wrong sword and “accidentally” kill Hamlet. There will also be poiosn on the tip of the sword that can cause death with just a scratch
Kings Plan B poisonous wine for Hamlet to drink
How did Ophelia die? she was reaching for flowers and fell into a stream and drowned. she didnt fight to stay alive–suicide?
clowns grave diggers
Suicide biggest sin–cant have Christian burrial
comic relief clowns
clown belief on Ophelias death suicide
why though can Ophelia get a christian burrial she is of the aristocracy
3 things that happened on the same day grave digger became a grave diggerOld Hamlet defeated Old FortinbrasHamlet was born
Hamlets age 30
did hamlet ever say he loved Ophelia yes
Osric is ostentacious
Hamlets new attitude whats supposed to happen will happen
what does Hamlet tell Horatio about what he did on the ship to England -he found the note from Claudius and replaced it with one saying to kill rosencrantz and guildenstern immediatly–dont give them time to repent their sins
what did Hamlet seal the note with his fathers ring that had teh Danish seal
why doesnt Hamlet feel guilty about this action R&G put themselves in the middle
wager for fenching match King bets 6 horsesLaertes bets french sword, dagger
king is betting on__ in the match Hamlet
rules behind match match of 12 hits and Laertes wont get more than 2 hits ahead of Hamlet
What does Horatio say about the fencing match Hamlet will lose
Hamlets appology to Laertes he blames his madness for the fight at the grave
2 meanings of foil enemy or sword
what will happen if hamlet gets the 1st or 2nd hit king will put (poisonous) pearl in the wine
how does Gertrude (Queen) die she takes a sip of the wine not knowing it was poisoned
what happens after laertes scratches Hamlet Hamlet and Laertes wrestle and hamlet is able to scratch Laertes
what does Laertes confess before he dies that he knew about the poison and Claudius is to blame
Hamlets reaction to claudius being to blame he stabs Claudius with the sword and forces him to drink the wine
antique roman follow best friend to death (Horatio)
why does Hamlet tell Horatio not to die Hamlet needs Horatio alive-he is the only one who knows the truth
who does Hamlet think should become king of Denmark Young Fortinbras
what news does an ambassador tell Horatio Rosenctantz and Guildenstern are dead
meaning behind Fortinbras being the last to speak he will gain the crown of Denmark
what does Fortinbras say about Hamlets funeral it will be an honorable one