Laertes ___ is Polonius’ son
Ophelia ___ is Polonius’ daughter
Horatio ___ is Hamlet’s friend and fellow student
8 ___ characters die during the course of the play
hawk handsaw When the wind is from the south, Hamlet claims to be able to tell the difference between a ___ and a ___
gertrude ___ cannot see the ghost
Horatio latin The guards think ___ can speak to the ghost because he knows ___
Polonius ___ says, “This above all; to thine own self be true”
Paris After the wedding of Claudius and Gertrude, where does Laertes go to ___
Hamlet ___ speaks of the harlot’s cheek painted over as being like his own painted words
Fortinbras ___ becomes King of Denmark in the end
Polonius When Hamlet says “you shall nose him as you go up the stairs into the lobby,” he is giving directions to ___ body
Laertes ___ says he would be willing to cut someone’s “throat in the church”?
criticizing actor When Gertrude says “The lady doth protest too much,” she is ___ an ___
grave maker Answer this riddle: “What is he that builds stronger than either the mason, the shipwright, or the carpenter?
Mousetrap In Hamlet, the play designed to trap Claudius is called The ___
rose guild Hamlet forges a letter to England telling England to kill ___ and ___
Elsinore The name of Hamlet’s castle is ___
ghost Avenge his death is a request of the ___
ghost Leave Gertrude to heaven is a request of the ___
ghost Take care of yourself is a request of the ___
recorder Hamlet want Guildenstern to play a ___
pirate ship Hamlet returns to Denmark from England on a ___ ___
queen people Claudius can’t prosecute Hamlet because the ___ and the ___ love him
committed suicide The Priest won’t carry out Ophelia’s funeral because she might have ___ ___
Gertrude ___ is the first person to drink the poison wine
Horatio Hamlet has ___ watch Claudius during the play
ramparts Gertrudes bedchamber The ghost appears on the ___ and ___ ___
Marcellus ___ is the first person to see the ghost
nunnery Hamlet tells Ophelia to go to the ___
Poland Hamlet runs into Fortinbras’ army on their way to attack ___
fishmonger Hamlet calls Polonius a ___
Horatio Hamlet speaks his last words to ___
lost virginity Ophelia sings songs about ___ ___
pearl Claudius poisons the wine with a tainted ___
Claudius Laertes first blames ___ for Polonius’ murder
light Claudius runs out of “The Mousetrap” asking for ___
Murder Gonzago The Mousetrap is actually called the ___ of ___
Pyrrhus Priam The head player and Hamlet deliver a speech about ___ and ___
supper Hamlet tells Claudius that Polonius is at ___