True or False Act One
Horatio must see the ghost to believe it exists True
Claudius and Gertrude married four months after King Hamlet’s death False; marry six weeks after
Ophelia is Horatio’s sister False; she is Laertes sister and Prince Hamlet’s girlfriend
The ghost of King Hamlet asks that Gertrude be left for God to judge and punish True; don’t be motivated by vengeance
Laertes would like to return to school in Wittenburg False; return to France, where he lives- Hamlet goes to Wittenburg
Claudius stabs his brother, the king, in the garden False; he poisons him
The Prince of Norway is seeking to recover lands lost by his father to Denmark True; Prince Fortinbras
Correct Interpretation of the Act Act One
The ghost of King Hamlet feels that he had misread his wife True
Polonius is considered a fool by the court False; he is a chief spy
The visit by his father’s ghost begins Hamlet’s depression False; he was depressed before
Claudius is not the valiant soldier his brother had been True
Ophelia believes that Hamlet loves her False; she doesn’t know what she believes, and her dad says she doesn’t know anything but tells her what to think of Hamlet
Polonius and Laertes are excited that Ophelia is dating the heir apparent False; they want her to leave him and believe that once he becomes King he will make a fool of the family
Theme Act One
One’s eyes can deceive her True; nobody knows how the King dies
The female sex cannot live without the support of the male False; she will do anything to stay Queen
One must take action to right the world’s wrongs True; doesn’t have to be physical action though – ghost talks to Hamlet in the dark
True or False Act Two
Polonius sends Reynaldo to Paris to spy on Laertes True
Polonius believes that the death of his father has made Hamlet mad False; he believes that his daughter, Ophelia, breaking off with Hamlet has made Hamlet mad
Fortinbras’ uncle supports his retrieval of lands lost to Denmark False; he lets him go to Poland
Hamlet’s letter to Ophelia tells her not to doubt his love True
Gertrude opposes Claudius’ plan to have Hamlet spied upon False
Horatio refuses to talk to Claudius about Hamlet’s behavior False; no-one ever asks him
Correct Interpretation of the Act Act Two
Polonius misreads Hamlet’s behavior toward his daughter True
Ophelia loves Hamlet more than she loves her father False
Fortinbras is not a man of action False; he is the most active person
Hamlet’s craziness is an act to stall for time before retaliating against his father’s murderer True
Claudius is frightened by Hamlet’s behavior True; he wonders what he knows
Hamlet is learned about the theatre True; he knows a lot about the theatre
Gertrude’s love for her son leads her to hate Ophelia, but she agrees to allow them to marry False
Theme Act Two
Theatre is a mirror for society True
One can tell what others are thinking and feeling by watching their actions closely False
One must act upon his feelings False
True or False Act Three
Hamlet contemplates suicide True; “to be or not to be”
Hamlet instructs the players to speak as loudly and as clearly as possible so that Claudius can hear False; he tells them to speak naturally
Sitting in the confessional, Hamlet does not kill Claudius because he thinks he is praying True
The ghost encourages Hamlet to kill Gertrude too False; he never says that to Hamlet
The death of Polonius is an accident True
Hamlet instructs his mother to reject Claudius’ romantic overtures True
Correct Interpretation of the Act Act Three
Hamlet thinks that fear prevents people from committing suicide True
Hamlet prefers that acting seem natural True
Horatio is a dear and loyal friend to Hamlet True
Ophelia no longer believes Hamlet loves her False; we never know
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern object to spying on their old friend, Hamlet False; they don’t object and Horatio is never asked to spy on Hamlet
Gertrude is not effected by Hamlet’s words because she knows he is crazy False
Theme Act Three
Demanding ocular proof can lead to one’s downfall True; Hamlet and Polonius demand ocular proof which leads to both of their downfalls – Hamlet could’ve killed Claudius
One must not decide hastily to take action True; Hamlet killed Polonius thinking it was Claudius
A person must be controlled, especially if he threatens an entire kingdom False
True or False Act Four
Claudius sends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to find the body of Polonius True
Claudius sends orders to England that Hamlet should be imprisoned False; killed, not imprisoned
Hamlets sneaks back into Denmark False; he doesn’t sneak, but he does come back
Laertes plots with Claudius to kill Hamlet in a duel True
Hamlet is very popular with the people of Denmark True
Laertes back-up murder plan involves poison True
Correct Interpretation of Act Act Four
Claudius figures out that Hamlet had meant to kill him instead of Polonius True
Hamlet’s recent problems have driven him to madness False; he fakes it, but Ophelia has really lost her mind
Hamlet believes that God wants man to use his powers of reason to figure out how to act in inappropriate ways True; have to use your powers of reason
Laertes is the chief creator of the plot to kill Hamlet False; Claudius is
Claudius must connive, or scheme, to get his plan to kill Hamlet off of the ground True
The words of Fortinbras are very inspiring for Hamlet False; he doesn’t say much, it is how he looks and how he acts
Theme Act Four
It is impossible for one to predict the effects his actions might have on those around him True
Avenging the death of a loved one is noble False; they cannot be motivated by vengeance, but rather motivated by restoring the natural order of succession
Sometimes one must tell less than the truth to accomplish her goals False
True or False Act Five
Hamlet forgets the king’s orders and has Rosencrantz and Guildenstern killed True
Claudius bets that Laertes will win the duel because he is the better fencer False; bets that Hamlet will win the duel with a three hit handy cap
Horatio believes Hamlet cannot win the duel True
Queen Gertrude is stabbed to death in the thrown room False; she drinks the poison
The king dies when he drinks his own poison True
Fortinbras says Hamlet would have made a great king True
Correct Interpretation of Act Act Five
Hamlet is willing to die for his love for Ophelia False; he doesn’t do anything to prove his love for Ophelia
Laertes and Polonius were wrong about the king and queen being thrilled to allow Hamlet to marry Ophelia False; the queen says it’s too late and she is not thrilled
Hamlet seems to be a new, older man in scene II True; when is writing the script
Hamlet is twenty-five years old False; he is thirty years old
Fortinbras is left to restore order in Denmark True
Theme Entire Play
All man can do in life is assert his definition of himself and embrace his own mortality True; “If it be not…” -Hamlet
One must take action in life, even if the decision to do so must be made quickly False; thoughts have to lead to feelings, feelings have to lead to actions
Elements of humor creep into even the most dire situations False; not big enough
A balance between contemplation and action must be achieved if a person is to live a healthy life and make sound decisions False; you can be your own person and must be your own person
What is the name of the castle and where is it located? Helsignor is the castle located in Elsinore
Who is the play Hamlet based off of and in what century did they reign? Amleth; 11th Century
What is the main theme of Hamlet? Action: to do, to pretend, to perform
What is Hamlet mostly about? About bad dads and the unlucky sons who have to deal with them
What is the difference between pretense and performance? The collusion on the part of the audience (misleading)
Where does the play take place? Denmark; Feudalism has not yet fallen
Fortinbras Most active character; warrior in charge of the army
Laertes Second most active character; fighter and brother of Hamlet’s girlfriend- Ophelia
Hamlet Third most active character; tragic hero and scholar who is attractive and brilliant
Horatio Passive character (thinker); philosopher
Where does Hamlet live? In Germany, where he is a student with Horatio
Hamlet is The natural heir to the throne of Denmark
The ghost of King Hamlet tries to Encourage his son to deviate and be avengous
Oedipus Complex I don’t want to take on adult roles
It appears that Denmark is at war, yet There is no declaration for war
In both Norway and Denmark, for both Fortinbras and Hamlet, The kings are dead, uncles are in the throne, and they, being the sons, are in the wings
When Hamlet begins his long and boring speeches, The ghost enters
Why does Laertes warn Ophelia to stay away from Hamlet? Hamlet cannot marry her
“A double blessing is a double grace” – Laertes
“This, above all, to thine own self be true” – Polonius
How did the Uncle kill King Hamlet? By pouring “hebona” (made-up deathly oil) into his ear while he was sleeping the garden
The uncle represents a Serpent
Everyone believes the King died from A heart attack
“Adieu, Adieu… Remember me” – Hamlet
Hamlet believes that death is like Sleeping, where you can dream
Why won’t Hamlet kill the king while he is confessing? The king will go to Heaven
The king never actually goes to confession for murdering King Hamlet
What characters have dead fathers in the play? Hamlet, Fortinbras, Laertes, and Ophelia
The king did not bury Polonius, Ophelia’s father, properly
What three foils take place in the play? 1. No button foil 2. Poison on foil3. Poison in cup
Who kills Ophelia? Ophelia… then Hamlet… Polonius… Gertrude
List the three branches of an act To do, to act, and to perform
Ophelia drowned herself willingly, according to the gravedigger
Who was Yorick? The King’s Jester when Hamlet was 7
Who kills Hamlet and Laertes? Hamlet kills Laertes, and Laertes kills Hamlet
Hamlet tells Horatio he must stay alive to do what? Tell Hamlet’s story
The new King is now Fortinbras
What are Hamlet’s last words? “The rest is silence”
What is King Fortinbras’s first act as the King of Denmark? A burial to his predecessor (Hamlet)