english the tempest vocab

perdition means eternal punishment
perdition sentence being selfish is the path to perdition
perfidious means deceitful
Perfidious sentence because steve is such a perfidious person, you can not believe what he says
prerogative means a privelage
prerogative sentence all american citizens have the prerogative to vote
Extirpate means to destroy
extirpate sentence the principal tried to extirpate bullying from the school
Prescience sentence He got fired from his investing company since his prescience was awful
prescience means anticipation of events
Malignant means harmful
malignant sentence The tyrant was portrayed by historians as malignant and powerful
usurp means to take without right
usurp sentence after the king died, his brother tried to usurp the throne from the prince
providential involving divine or supernatural foresight or intervention
Machiavellian cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous, especially in politics or in advancing one’s career.
Romance as a literary genre, a work concluding in reconciliation