English: The Tempest Act V

How are the 3 nobles at the beginning? prisoners, can’t budge (trees). Alonso/Sebastion/Antonio distracted, Gonzalo mourning
Why are they life this? (trapped) Prosper’s charm
what does Ariel think will happen if Prospero could see the 3 men? What does he also say? he would have compassion(P); that he would also have it if he were human(A)
Prospero says he takes part with his what against his what? What does he say virtue is? noble reason against fury; a rarer action then vengeance (nobler)
What does prospero say his sole purpose is? to make the nobles pertinent (repentant)
What does Abjure mean? renounce; give up
Who does Prosper acknowledge? elves, for helping him w/ his magic
What will Prosper do after his final spell? renounce magic/ break & bury staff ; drown book
What figurative language does Prosper use to describe a charm dropping away? a simile- “a charm dissolves as the morning steals upon night”
Why does Prosper speak to Gonzalo first? Bc he’s honorable- recalls past kindness, knows him. Never meant to hurt him
What does Prospero call Antonio and Sebastion and how do they prove the description right? “unnatural”- disregard bonds & customs; both plotted against brothers
what does Ariel’s song tell us? How he’ll spend his time when he’s free
When Alonso realizes who Prospero is, what does he do?” Asks forgiveness & releases him (Milan) from obligation & subservience to him
Prospero calls Antonio and Sebastion a “brace”, which is how many? two
Prospero threatens to “pluck his highness’ frown upon” by doing what? By telling Alonso of their plot to murder him- but he doesn’t
How has Prospero “lost” his daughter? She’ll marry Ferdinand
How are Prospero and Alonso’s losses really the same? Both “lose” children to marriage
WHat’s ironic about Alonso’s comment (both being there as King and Queen)? Thats exactly what will happen
What are Ferdinand and Miranda doing? playing chess
How has Ferdinand cursed the seas “without cause”? cursed sea as they thought he was dead
A quote from Miranda “O…….. .. Brave new world”
Does Caliban’s last speech show that he gained wisdom? how? yes; realizes he was unwise to fall for drunk fools, says he’ll be wise here after
What does Prospero charge Ariel w at the end? calm seas, good gales(winds), for Alonso and ships
What does Prosper give Ariel? freedom
What has Prospero done to ensure peace and safety in future? Miranda and Ferdinand will rule Naples & bring together Naples and Milan
What does Shakespeare ask at the end of the play? for the audience to indulge him and free him by their applause