English techniques (Othello)

Anadiplosis repetition of a word at the end of one clause and at the start of the next
Example of Anadiplosis What dost thou think? Think my lord?
Anaphora repetition of words at the start of a clause
Example of Anaphora What drugs, what charms, what conjuration and what mighty magic
Antanaclasis Words is repeated, but the meaning changes
Example of Antanclasis put out the light, then put out the light
Apostrophe Talking to someone that isn’t there (personification/metaphor)
Example of Apostrophe work on my medicine work
Chiasmus 2 clauses are balanced against each other, but their structures are reversed
Example of chaismum who dobtes, yet doubts; suspects, yet strongly loves
Epanalepsis repetition fo an initial word at the end of the same clause
Example of Epanalepsis they are not ever jealous for the cause, but jealous for hey are jealous
Epizeuxis Repetition of a word in immediate succession
Example of Epizeuxis Damn her lewd minx! Damn her. Damn her!
Asyndenton List without conjunctions
Example of asyndenton rouse him make after him; poison his delight
Parenthesis addition of a word as an after thought
example of parenthesis Zounds, that’s fulsome – Handkerchief, confession, handkerchief
Antithesis direct opposition fo something
Example of antithesis No my heart is turned to stone…O the world hath not a sweeter creature
Hyperbole exaggeration
Example of Hyperbole Abandon all remorse