English Romeo and Juliet Tragic Plot Diagram

establishes setting, characters, conflict romeo and juliet are introduced and said to be in love; juliet needs to marry; warring families are introduced
complications develop, eulminating with a “point of no return” romeo and juliet get married
marks the beginning of tragic collapse, high suspense tybalt and mercutio are slain; romeo is banished; juliet is told she needs to marry paris
chain of tragic events gains momentum and deepens tragedy for protagonist, plot twists and unknown details revealed general confusion; juliet asks for potion and fake-dies; wedding date is moved up; friar lawrence sets up plan, etc.
also called resolution/catastrophe; final outcome, author’s tone about the subject is revealed, moral lesson is learned romeo finds out about juliet’s death; buys poison; romeo kills paris; romeo kills himself; juliet kills herself; families come together after friar lawrence describes plot to the families and paris
conflict introduced warring families introduced