English Othello review guide

othello made cassio 2nd in command instead of him and feels cassio is less experienced why does lago say he hates othello
loves desdemona but othello married her why does roderigo hate othello
he is inexperienced why does lago not trust lago as a military leader
wake up her father and tell him his daughter has run away In Act 1 Scene 1, what is lago’s plot to drive a wedge between othello and desdemona
lago and roderigo which 2 characters approach the house of brabantio in this scene
old black ram is stupping your white ewe, daughter covered with a barbary horse, making the beast with 2 backs example of lago referring to sex in terms of animals
an old black ram, black animals, beast with two backs, barbary horse lago/roderigo’s offensive words
he hates him at first and thinks hes messing with him that his daughter ran away; then he says he would be a better match for his daughter and thanks him how does brabantios attitude change towards roderigo throughout the course of the scene
she may look innocent but her mind is dirty what is brabantio’s explanation for why his daughter ran off with othello
Saggitarius part horse part man
he is comparing othello to a black beast who is taking advantage of desdemona what is the importance of saggitarius in this scene
Brabantio lago tells othello someone was speaking ill of him. Who?
lago pretended to support othello’s marriage, but once he leaves, he insults the relationship explain what happens between lago and cassio in the short time othello is off stage
foul thief, sooty bosom, abused her, abuser of the world negative comments brabantio uses to describe othello
prideful and unphased; the duke must hear him and decide in his favor how does othello react to the provocation of Brabantio’s attack
janus has 2 faces one looking forward and one looking backwards and lago is also two faced what is the importance of lago swearing my janus
dont know how many galleys there actually are why are the duke and senators confused at the beginning of the scene
the turks want to take cyprus, using naval power what do the duke and council of venice determine the turks true military objective is
expanded through most of eastern europe what is important about the ottoman empire
desdemona because she loved and was saddened by his story and the dangers he had passed who first initiated the idea of love in othello’s and desdemonas relationship
life and education why is desdemona divided
he would lock them up and prevent them from foolishly running away like desdemona did why is it good brabantio has no other children
if he goes to war and she is left behind, she will have nowhere to go how does desdemona argue that she should be allowed to accompany her husband to cyprus
too old for sex, he just wants her love; he will not let her distract him from official business what assurances does othello offer the council that he will take care of business, even with his wife with him
our bodies are our gardens and our wills are gardeners; our wills determine how well our gardens grow; dont let weeds grow such as thinking of drowning yourself explain lagos parable of the garden
she must change, will grow tired and want a younger man, her love for the Moor will fade, she will realize she made a mistake and leave othello why does lago think desdemona and othello’s relationship will not last
gets roderigo to sell all his land bc he will need money to marry desdemona; roderigo wants othello and her to breakup but lago only wants to use roderigo how does lago manipulate roderigo in this scene
othello envies cassios gentlemeness and looks, will believe lies about him why is cassio a particularly handy scapegoat for lagos plot
cassio which character is described as a great arithmetician
lago who says, “tis the curse of service, preferment goes by letter and affection, and not by old gradation, where each second stood heir to the first”
lago who says, “I am not what I am”
sagittary what is the name of the inn where othello and desdemona are staying
ottoman the venetians are at war with what empire
drugs and charming her how does brabantio believe othello won desdemona
roderigo who says, “that thou…who hast had my purse as if the strings were thin, shouldst know of this”
lago who says, “mere prattle without practice is all his soldiership”
roderigo who says, “your daughter and the moor are now making the beast with 2 backs”
othello who says, “let him do his spite. My services which i have done the segniory shall out tongue his complaints”
othello who says, “keep up your bright swords for the dew will rust them. good signor, you shall command more years than with your weapons”
the duke of venice who says, “goodnight to everyone and noble signor if virtue no delighted beauty lack your son in law is more fair than black”
brabantio who says, “look to her moor if thou hast eyes to see she has deceived her father and may thee”
they drowned and there was a huge storm; destroyed what has happened to the turkish fleet at the start of the section
3rd gentleman who tells montano about othello’s marriage
he respects her describe how cassio acts when he lands at cyprus especially when desdemona comes ahsore
emilia what is the name of lago’s wife
she talks to much; trying to past time why does lago verbally attack his wife
cassio grabs her hand for a few seconds to shake her hand and he uses that as evidence how does lago convince roderigo that cassio is in love with desdemona
lago who persuades roderigo to pick a fight with cassio
herald who announces othello’s arrival in scene 2
Michael what is cassio’s first name
othello who instructs cassio to keep guard
othello who says that, “lago is most honest”
cassio who describes desdemona as perfection
lago is attempting to get cassio drunk so he can fight with roderigo who attempts to get cassio drunk; why?
england where did lago learn his drinking song
violent what is unattractive about cassios behavior as a drunk
lago who falsely praises cassio after he leaves then notes his vices
montano who asks lago if cassio is drunk
he is drunk every night what is lagos response to this
cassio who threatens to bodily harm both roderigo and montano
he says cassio is always drunk, and he does want it to get him in trouble how does lago manipulate the gentlemen of cyprus to object cassios behavior
lago and othello which two characters break up the fight between montano and cassio
acts agressively and will kill people he fights what new aspect of othellos personality do we see
lago who tells othello that cassio began the fight
he tells othello his side of the story, making othello mad, but said cassio didnt have bad intentions describe how lago while appareantly defending cassio actually encourages othello to take action against him
cassio who says, “reputation, reputation, oh i have lost my reputation”
hydra has multiple heads and multiple mouths; he is saying that if he had as many mouths of a hydra such a decision would shut him up what is the significance of hydra
lago who persuades cassio to seek redemption through desdemona
cassio and desdemona are having an affair according to lagos soliloquy at the end of the section, what is the pestilence that he’ll pour into othellos ear
no money at all, but has gained wit according to roderigo why does he plan to return to venice, what has he lost and what has he gained
lago who persuades roderigo to be patient
emilia lago plans to use a third party to connect cassio to desdemona who is the third party
cassio first then lago who reaches the shores of cyprus first? second?
lago to whom does cassio refer to as, “our captains captain”
othello and lago who instructs cassio to keep guard in this section and who tells him that it is not yet time to do so
cassio who says that lago should be relished more in the soldier than in the scholar
montano to whom does lago falsley praise cassio
lago who chides roderigo for his rash impatience
montano who says, “good lieutenant is your general wived”
lago who says, “with as little a web as this will I ensnare as great a fly as cassio”
otgello who says, “come my dear love the purchase made the fruits are to ensure that profits yet to come tween me and you”
cassio who says, “i have very poor and unhappy brains for drinking”
lago who says, “you see this fellow that is gone before hes a soldier fit to stand by ceaser and give direction”
cassio who says, “a knave teach me my duty ill beat the knave into a twiggen bottle”
othello who says, “he that stirs next to carve his own rage holds his soul light he dies upon his motion”
lago who says, “i had rather have this tongue cut from my mouth than it should do offense to…cassio”
lago who says, “reputation is an idle and most false imposition, oft got without merit and lost without deserving”
cassio who says, “o God that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains”
roderigo who says, “I shall have so much experience for my pains and so with no money at all and a little more wit return to venice again”
wants to make up for his drunken behavior; he hates music why does cassio bring musicians what is othellos response to them
comic relief what purpose does the scene with the clowns and musicians serve
clown who does cassio send to see if desdemona is stirring
lago; pointing out to othello how much they are talking who tells cassio that he’ll occupy othello so that he might speak freely with desdemona; what is his true motivation
desdemona in this scene who is the first to describe lago as honest
montano emilia speaks of a man whom cassio hurt who is of great fame in cyprus to whom is she referring
get him to be re-hired what does emilia tell cassio that desdemona is already doing for him
lago who promises cassio to get him some time with desdemona
othello who sends letters to the pilot via lago
desdemona who swears to cassio to ply othello on his behalf
he is dissapointed in himself for his drunken behaviors why does cassio leave desdemonas side when othello and lago approach
he seems guilty what responses do lago and othello have to seeing cassio leave desdemona
because he never made a mistake and it was just a lie lago made up why is desdemonas line, “for if he be not one that truly loves you, that errs in ignorance and not in cunning i have no judgement in an honest face” ironic
3 days while desdemona is pleading with othello she asks that othellos dismissal of his removal not exceed how many days
she is successful but he is annoyed but still loves her how successfully does desdemona plead for cassio what is his response
doesnt have enough evidence for othello to believe him yet why doesnt lago want to tell othello his thoughts
evidence they are spending time together why does lago ask othello if cassio accompanied him during his courtship of desdemona
othello who says lago is full of love and honesty
he refuses to tell othello everything what facet of lago speech patterns gives othello fright
build the suspence and confuse othello why has lago suddenly adopted these speech patterns
iago: iago is very manipulative and is not what he says he is who says men should be what they seem and why is this ironic
good name/reputation according to lago what part of a man and a woman is the jewel of their soul
jealousy what does lago describe as the green eyed monster
cuckhold someone who cheats on someone else
she decieved her father by marrying othello why does lago mention desdemonas father in this section
he wants othello to see for himself why doesnt lago simply tell othello right away that desdemona and cassio are having an affair
they are very good friends and care about each other why does desdemona push so hard for cassio to get his job back
a hankerchief what object is dropped by desdemona and retrieved by emilia
tell othello that he saw cassio wiping his beard with it what does lago plan to do with the hankerchief
othello hated lago at first and didnt believe him but now he is siding with lago after lago tells him that desdemona and cassio are having an affair; also becomes more violent how has othello changed throughout the course of the play
he thinks lago is just messing with him and doesnt want to believe the affair why does othello threaten lago
he will find more evidence how does lago react to being threatened
toothache according to lago why cant he sleep lately
he was sleep talking and started kissing him according to lago how did he come by first hand information of desdemonas dream affair with cassio
it has strawberries on it how would othello recognize the hankercheif he gave to desdemona
othello who orders cassios death
lago has a crush on desdemona and doesnt want her to die because she never did anything wrong what is going through lagos mind when he says but let her live
lago who gets promoted at the end of the section
clown who is desdemona conversing with as this scene opens
wants to know where cassio is what information is she trying to get
where did she leave her hankerchief what is the first question desdemona asks emilia in this scene
men eat and women are the food how does emilia explain othellos anger over the missing hankerchief
he manipulates them; stressed about politics and isnt feeling well how does lago control the communications between othello and all the other characters; why does desdemona excuse her husbands anger
cassios lover and her and othello are both jealous of him who is bianca and how is she like othello
othello who asks desdemona repeatedly for the hankerchief in this scene
his mother which relative of othello’s gave him the hankerchief
sibyl a women who can fortell the future
jealous what word does emilia continually repeat
bianca to whom did cassio give the hankercheif
bianca is a prostitute why doesnt cassio want othello to see him with his girlfriend
clown who says, “the general so likes your music that he desires you for loves sake to make no more noise with it”
desdemona who says, “be thou assured good cassio i will do my abilities on thy behalf”
lago who says, “did michael cassio when you wooed my lady know of your love”
lago who says, “men should be what they seem or those that be not would they might seem none”
emilia who says, “i am glad i have found this napkin this was her first rememberance from the moor”
lago who says, “the Moor already changes with my poison”
othello who says, “make me to see it or at least prove it so that the probation bear no hinge nor loop to hang a doubt upon or woe upon thy life”
othello who says, “i have a salt and sorry rheum offends me; lend me thy hankerchief”
emilia who says, “they are all but stomachs, we are but food, they eat us hungerly, and when they are full they betch us”
emilia who says, “but jealous souls will not be answered so they are not ever jealous for the cause but jealous for they are jealous”
bianca who says, “what keep a week away seven days and nights eightscore-eight hours”
cassio who says, “go to woman throw your vile guesses in the devils teeth from whence you have them”
othello with whom is lago conversing as the scene opens
her honor as lago mentions a womens right to give away a hankerchief, othello asks if its also permissible for a woman to give away what
lie with her lago indicates that cassio admitting something to him
othello who falls into a trance in this section
it was an epilepsy how does lago describe the trance to cassio
lago who claims credit for causing the trance to happen
go hid and watch him when hes telling the truth what does lago suggest othello do while he converses with cassio
othello will no longer have doubt; lago made cassio laugh how does lago use this to his advantage
prostitute according to cassio what is biancas profession
desdemona to whom does othello think cassio is referring
hankerchief what item does bianca describe as a minx token
lago; shell ruin the streets who sends cassio after bianca? why?
chop her to pieces or poison by what two methods of murder does othello say he will kill desdemona
suffocate her in bed what alternate method does lago suggest
lodovico; tells othello to come home who comes from vencice in this section and what does the letter from venice order othello to do
desdemona whom does othello physically strike in this section
lago who fosters doubt in lodovico regarding othellos abilities
emilia with whom is othello conversing with at the start of scene 2
cassio what is the topic of their discussion
desdemona who does othello send emilia to fetch
lookout what task does othello give to emilia while he talks to desdemona
her father whom does desdemona suggest is behind othello’s being recalled to venice
desdemona who does othello describe as fair paper this most goodly book
othello who does desdemona send emila to get
othello desdemona says that someone is treating her like a child, who
she is a *****; emila which insult of othellos seems to insult desdemona the most; who else is insulted by this
lago who repeatedly tries to get emilia to cease her ranting
the business of the state according to lago what has upset othello
roderigo after emilia and desdemona who does lago start having a conversation with
othello is not giving roderigo enough attention why is this character upset
good for you for standing up against me, says he is smart how does lago flatter this character
cassio when othello leaves cyprus who will take his place
roderigo and lago which two characters have a final conversation in the scene
injure cassio between midnight and 1am at biancas house what is roderigo and lagos plot
lodovico and othello which 2 characters have the first conversation
othello who tells desdemona to dismiss emilia
buried in them desdemona makes a request of emilia regarding her sheets should she pass
emilia who describes lodovico as a handsome man
desdemona who sings the willow song
emilia who indicates that she would cheat on her husband
their husband according to emilia whose fault is it if wives fall
if you see someone with a bad habit, dont pick it up but avoid it describe the meaning of desdemona’s final couplet in this act
iago who says, “now i will question cassio of bianca a huswife that by selling her desires buys herself bread and clothes”
othello who says, “get me some poison lago”
lodovico who says, “is this the noble moor whom our full senate call all in all sufficient are his wits safe is he not light of brain”
desdemona who says, “alas what ignorant sin have i commited”
emilia who says, “i will be hanged if some eternal villian some busy and insinuating rogue some cogging cozening slave to get some office have not devised this slander”
othello who says, “get you to bed on the instant i will be returned forthwith”
emilia who says, “i have laid those sheets you bade me on the bed”
lago and roderigo which two characters are conversing as this act opens
ambush cassio who are they planning to attack
roderigo which of the two seems apprehensive or nervous
give them to desdemona according to lago in this section what does he intend to do with the jewels he got from roderigo
cassio who successfully wounds roderigo in this section
lago who successfully wounds cassio and quickly exits
his leg what part of cassio is wounded
desdemona as othello sees cassio he threatens to harm another character who
lodovico who describes as a valient fellow in this section
lago who delivers a fatal strike to roderigo
bianca to whom does lago refer to as a notable strumpet
lago who tells emilia about the attack on cassio
bianca lago insinuates some guilt regarding the attack upon another character who?
suffocating her in bed how does othello plan to kill desdemona
desdemona will not wake up from the dead again once he kills her like primithean heat explain significance of primithean heat
have you prayed what is the first question othello asks desdemona in this section
he doesnt want her to go to hell why does he ask her this
othello who says think on thy sins
loving othello according to desdemona what is her only sin
othello who tells desdemona of cassios death
emilia which character comes along as othello is smothering desdemona
the eclipse according to othello what astronomical event makes men mad
desdemona othello describes what character as being false as water
iago: iago is the slime that sticks on filthy deeds according to othello which character hates the slime that sticks on filthy deeds; why is this ironic
emilia which character keeps repeating my husband
emilia who is the first character in this act to suspect lago’s villainy
emilia who calls othello a gull and a dolt
montana, gratiano, and lago which three characters enter when emilia starts shouting about othello’s guilt
shut up how does lago initially answer emilias charges
lago; she is putting the pieces together who tries to send emilia home; why?
brabantio due to grief of his daughter dying who does gratiano report is dead and why
lago who physically threatens emilia in this section
iago who tells othello abut what really happened with regard to the hankerchief in this section
lago who calls emilia a villenous *****
othello who attempts to attack lago in this section
emilia lago stabs someone in this scene who?
lie next to desdemona what is emilia’s last dying request
values their friendship how does this show her loyalty
lago who disarmed othello in this section
emilia who sings willow in this section
the chamber from where does othello get another weapon
lodovico who calls for the viper and villian to be called forth
lago to whom is he referring
othello who wounds lago
othello who admits to being a con conspirator along with lago in the attack on cassio in this section
lago who swears never to speak another word in this section
roderigo who removes othello’s power from him in this section
he will be tortured according to lodovico what will happen to lago
othello which character is described as one who loved not wisely but too well
himself by stabbing himself who kills othello and by what method
lodovico who plans to relate recent events to the leaders of venice
bianca to whom does lago refer to as a noble strumpet
chop her to pieces or poison by what two methods of murder does othello say he will kill desdemona
othello who asks desdemona repeatedly for the hankerchief in this scene
othello who says, “let him do his spite. My services which i have done the segniory shall out tongue his complaints”
getting her drunk and bribery how does brabantio believe othello won desdemona
the rest is silence what are othellos last words
Queen Elizabeth I who ruled england during shakespeares time
holy trinity church where was shakespeare baptized
the plague how did thousands of people die during the year shakespeare was born
John and Mary what were the names of shakespeares parents
gloves and leather worker what was the profession of shakespeares father
anne hathaway what was the name of shakespeares wife
3 how many children did shakespeare have
automatic lighting and cheap meals why did shakespeare possibly write his plays in the pubs of london
August 11, 1596 in what year did hamnet shakespeare die
New Globe theater what was the name of shakespeares theater
Henry VIII during which play did shakespeares theater burn down
52 how old was shakespeare when he died
1623 in what year were shakespeares plays finally gathered and published
shakespeare who wrote shakespeares epitaph
Good Friends, for Jesus’ sake forbear,To dig the bones enclosed here!Blest be the man that spares these stones,And curst be he that moves my bones what was on shakespeares grave