English “Much Ado About Nothing” Act 5

what does antonio say that gets leonato to think again about his passionate denunciation of hero? he tells him to have patience
does leonato think hero is guilty of being unfaithful? why? no because she is his daughter and he knows her better then anyone
do you think claudio makes a move to draw his sword against leonato? why? no because he doesn’t want to hurt him and leonato wants to fight so he falsely accuses claudio
what is the purpose of this scene in which leonato and his bro antonio challenge claudio for slandering hero? to show how mad they are at claudio for butchering heroes good name.
what is claudios attitude? what does this show about his character? does it fit with your sense of his character? he seems embarrassed and wants to get away from his challengers. i think it shows that maybe there is a part of him that is starting to believe he’s wrong.
how does donpedro act when benedick meets them? what is your reaction to the exchange of the three men? why do you think they are acting as they do? he welcomes them and asks for him to cheer them up with his wits. its odd to see benedick acting serious and its even weirder that the reason for him being that way is because of beatrice
to what extent is the punishment leonato places on claudio fitting? why does he want claudio to believe that he has killed hero? it is fitting because once he realizes hero isn’t dead the girl he longed for won’t be able to be his. leonato wants claudio to believe hero died because he deserves it for ruining her name.
why do beatrice and benedick talk about loving eat other only according to “reason”? how do they really feel about e/o? they don’t want to admit how they really feel but in reality they both love e/o.