English “Much Ado About Nothing” Act 3

Why do the women praise Benedick so highly when they describe how he loves beatrice? To make her want him
Why does Hero say that she will not tell Beatrice about Benedicks love? Beatrice is too full of mockery to listen to any man that likes her. Beatrice would only break Benedicks’s heart.
How fair are the women in their description of Beatrice’s behavior? They are fair because she thinks no man is good enough for her she is mean to them. They are trying to make her feel bad, so she can prove them wrong.
What is Beatrice’s reaction to the women’s speech? She is surprised, but takes pity on him and returns love.
Why do the men make fun of Benedick? They make fun of him falling in love and changing, because he said he would never get married
How does Don John plan to deceive Claudio? He told him hero was cheating on him and brought him to her window to see Margeret and Borachio, making love, but it looked like hero
Why does the watch arrest Borachio and Conrade They overheard them talking of deceiving Claudio and hero and arrest them for treachery