English Midsummer Night’s dream vocab

Wanes to decrease gradually, Antonym: increase slowly, Synonym: decrease slowly
Vexation act of being impatient, Antonym: act of being patient Synonym: aggravation
Abjure to give up oath, Antonym: to keep oathSynonym: to retract
avouch to declare positively, Antonym: denySynonym: claim
Idolatry Worship of idols, Antonym: despiseSynonym: adore
inconstant not constant Antonym: steadySynonym: Fluctuating
Edict Official decree from a sovereign or other authority, Antonym: LawSynonym: Request
Vile Evil Synonym: HorridAntonym: pleasing
Waggish Fond of playing jokesSynonym: PlayfulAntonym: Stern
Entreat to act earnestlyAntonym: demandSynonym: request
Knavish UntrustworthyAntonym: honorableSynonym: dishonest
Beguile Charm or enchant someone, sometimes in a deceptive way. Antonym: RepulseSynonym: Mislead
Progeny offspring, Antonym: breedSynonym: child
dissension difference, Antonym: similarSynonym: friction
dote To bestow, Antonym: PraiseSynonym: insult
disdainful feeling or showing disdain, Antonym: sureSynonym: skeptical
sentinel Person or animal that is stationed to keep watch of danger
languish to grow weak, Antonym: growSynonym: tedious
dissembling to disguise, Antonym: to showSynonym: to camoflauge
tedious tiring, Antonym: languishSynonym:tiring
odious causing hate, Antonym: likeableSynonym: hatred
enamored to inflame with love, Antonym: to hateSynonym: love
purge to cleanse or rid, Antonym: to keepSynonym: to rid
lamenting Mournful outcry of sorrow or grief, Antonym: mourningSynonym: joyful
consecrated make or declare, Antonym: to not make or declareSynonym: hallowed
sojourned to live in a place temporarily, Antonym: to live in a place foreverSynonym, to rent
disparage say something is less in value then it is, Antonym: overpriceSynonym: underprice
confederacy union of countries or states, Antonym: seperationSynonym, Union
loathed regard someone with extreme disgust or hate, Antonym: loveSynonym: hate
defiled to corrupt or ruin, Antonym: to restoreSynonym: to ruin
hoard accumulate, Antonym: throw awaySynonym: to collect
coronet small crown, Synonym: crown
amity Peaceful, Antonym: chaoticSynonym: quiet
conjunction act of joining together, Antonym: seperatingSynonym: connecting
discord act of agreement, Antonym:disagreementSynonym: deal
enmity hostility, Antonym: agreementSynonym: disagreement
discourse communication of thought by taking, Antonym: silenceSynonym: communication
paramour lover of a married person, Antonym: lover of spousedSynonym: admirer
apparel clothing
pare to remove outer layer, Synonym: to peel
habitiation place or building to live in, Antonym: no place or building to live in Synonym: home
transfigured change in form or appearence, Antonym: the sameSynonym: change
premeditated considered or planned before hand, Antonym: spur of the momentSynonym: plan
throttle valve regulating the flow of gasoline, vapor, steam,etc., Antonym: freeSynonym: control
audacious bold, Antonym: cowardlySynonym: brave
tarrying delay leaving, Antonym: earlySynonym: late
amend change by omission, addition, or alteration of language, Antonym: stay the sameSynonym: change
quell put down, Antonym: stopSynonym: keep going
mote speck of dust
reprehend blame, Antonym: protectSynonym: criticize

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