English Macbeth Act 4 & 5 Quiz Review

What happens when the witch says, “By the pricking of my thumbs,/Something wicked this way comes…”? Macbeth Enters
What attitude does Macbeth present in talking to the witches? Arrogance
What are the four apparitions Macbeth sees? 1. Bloody Child – “No child born of man shall harm Macbeth” – Macduff was born C section2. Armed Head – “Beware Macduff” – Macduff will attack with an army3. Child holding tree – “Macbeth won’t be defeated until the forest moves” – Army disguised as forest4. Banquo’s descendants and Banquo – Banquo’s descendants will rule
Macbeth says of the witches, “Infected be the air whereon they ride,/And damned all those that trust them!” What irony lies in this statement? Macbeth trusts them, he damns himself
What does Macbeth plan to do to Macduff? Attack his castle
What does Lady Macduff think of Macduff’s absence? He’s a deadbeat. She doesn’t know why he left.
What does the dialogue between Lady Macduff and her son show us about their relationship? He’s mature for his age and they have a very close relationship
What does Malcolm say to test Macduff? He hates Scotland, loves woman, and can’t be trusted
How does Macduff pass Malcolm’s test? He breaks down
What news does Ross bring to Macduff? How does he respond? His family has been murdered, he feels guilty for leaving them.
What does Malcolm tell Macduff to do with his grief? Use it to whet his sword
What do the Doctor and Gentlewoman decide to listen for? Lady Macbeth saying anything suspicious
What thoughts/ideas consume Lady Macbeth? There is blood on her hands from murdering Duncan
What does Angus say about Macbeth’s rule as king? He’s weak, he cannot fill the shoes of the other leaders.
How have the witches’ latest prophecies given Macbeth confidence? He thinks he will never be defeated because they are impossible
How many soldiers are ready to attack Macbeth’s castle? 10,000
Who is Macbeth’s new assistant? What’s the significance in that? Seyton, he’s an ally of the devil
What does Macbeth order the Doctor to do? Fix Lady Macbeth, give her something to erase her memory
What trick does Malcolm use to hide the number of men in his army? Cut down branches
How does Macbeth react to Lady Macbeth’s death? Views it as an inconvenience
How does Macbeth’s attitude about the battle change? He’s in danger so he goes all out
How is Malcolm related to Siward and Young Siward? Siward is Malcolms uncle and Young Siward is his cousin
Who first fights Macbeth, and what is the result? Young Siward, Macbeth defeats him
What happened to Macbeth’s army, according to Siward? They are fighting on the other side
How does Macbeth know he’s in trouble? Macduff tells him how he was born by c section
Ross again delivers bad news. How do we know that Young Siward was brave? He kept fighting even though he was wounded, he didn’t run away.
How does Macbeth die? Macduff beheads him
Who will be the new king of Scotland? Malcolm