English: Macbeth 2

Act 3, Scene 1: How does Macbeth’s use of hire murderers affect the development of his character in the play? He had too much guilt from killing Duncan and didn’t want that again. He couldn’t bring himself to kill another person.
Act 3, Scene 2: What strong metaphor does Macbeth use to describe his mental state? What is he worried about? Is lady Macbeth aware of his plans to resolve his worries? The strong metaphor that Macbeth uses to describe his mental state is “of full of scorpions is my mind”. He is worried about Fleance being alive while Banquo is dead, he is worried that Fleance will avenge his father’s death. Lady Macbeth is not worried about it, nor does she appear to care about Fleance being alive.
Act 3, Scene 3: What are Banquo’s dying words? How might they relate back to the prophecies? Oh, this is treachery! Get out of here, good Fleance, run, run, run. Someday you can get revenge. – Oh you bastard!…. They relate since Banquo was killed he couldn’t be king but his son could still be.
Act 3, Scene 4: How does Banquo’s ghost haunt Macbeth and not Duncan’s ghost? He was Macbeths former friend and murder was unnecessary. He’s so overcome with guilt that he is hallucinating that he see’s Banquo. He’s afraid that Banquo’s son is going to kill him.
Act 3, Scene 5: What comments does Hecate make that suggest Macbeth has free will? What does she say to Suggest he is controlled by fate? She was saying that he is a brat and he chases after what he wants and doesn’t care about anyone else.
Act 3, Scene 6: Lennox seems to be very careful in his speech. Why Is he cautions in what he say’s? What, if anything, could be interpreted as a criticism of Macbeth? Lennox is cautious in what he says because if he insults Macbeth it would be treason and he can’t accuse Macbeth of anything without evidence. What could be considered criticism towards Macbeth is his use of sarcasm. Also Lennox calls Macbeth a tyrant.
Irony The expression of one’s meaning by using language that usually signifies to opposite. hat should be isn’t. Could be humorous and things aren’t the way they should be. EX. When Banquo is nice to Macbeth but turns around and kills him.
Metaphor A comparison between two unlike things without using like or as. EX. Act 1 Scene 3 line 150 Macbeth talks about his memories as if they are a book./ life’s but a walking shadow.
Metonymy A part of the big thing. (I just got new wheels today, Talking about a new car not the wheels.) EX. When they talk about a crown they actually mean being king and part of the government system.
Motif The regular nature of Macbeth and the darkness of his heart.
Plot A pattern of events that happens in a story. EX. When Macbeth and Lady Macbeth plan to kill King Duncan.
Setting To identify the time place and mood of the story. where and when the story takes place. EX. Macbeth takes place in Scotland around the 11th century.
Simile A comparison between two unlike things using like or as. EX. Act 1 Scene 2 line 7, As two spent swimmers do cling together.
Soliloquy The act of talking while or as if alone. Talking to someone even though no ones there. EX. Act 2 Scene 2 Macbeths soliloquy, Dagger.
Act 4 scene 1: What is Macbeth’s resolve at the end of this scene? How do his plans differ from previous actions? Macbeth’s resolve at the end of this scene is that he resolves to murder Macduff’s entire family. His plans differ from his previous actions because he killed King Duncan to be king and killed Banquo so that he could stay the King. However with Macduff he is killing his family because he is just angry and wants revenge. Macduff insulted him for disappearing and not attending his inauguration.
Act 4 scene 2: Why does Ross describe “cruel”? Ross describes the current times as “cruel” because of all the suspected traitors and how no one really knows what is fact and what is a rumor anymore due to all the rumors and traitors.
Act 4 scene 3 How does Malcolm cleverly test Macduff’s loyalty? What is Macduff’s initial response? What finally indicates to Malcolm that Macduff is truly loyal? He talks bad about himself to see what Malcolm’s reaction would be. He was looking for the positive and bad sides. Macduff shows his loyalty and dedication against Malcolm.
Symbol Something used for or regarded as representing something else. A thing that represents something else. EX. Blood represents murder and, unnatural weather is responding to the crimes that have happened.
Theme The message or deeper meaning behind a story. EX. The corruption of unchecked ambition.
Tone The implied attitude toward the subject of the audience. The attitude the author puts into the story. EX. A dark and sinister tone.
Tragic Hero Is a literary character who makes a judgment error that inevitably leads to his own destruction. EX. Macbeth’s actions such as killing Banquo and King Duncan.
Note Macbeth kills Banquo and King Duncan out of his ambition.
Journal prompt 3: Reflect on the roles you have. (Who are you? Student, sibling, softball player, gamer, etc.) Have you ever felt torn between two roles? Have you ever wanted to rebel against your role? I am a couple of different roles. I am a student, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a niece and a best friend. I feel torn between being a daughter and a sister a lot. I could either side with my brother and not tell my mom the truth or side with my mom and tell her what really happened. Right now I’m kind of more of a student than any of the others right now because I’m focusing on school more than anything. Some times I’m want to be a rebel against being a student though and make more time to be with my family and friends. I feel torn between my schoolwork and my family. I spend a lot of time in school and even more time outside of school on my homework. This takes a lot of time away from my own time.