English King Lear test # 1

King Lear selfish, loves absolute power and being flattered
Goneril daughter of Lear, wife of Albany, oldest daughter who is ruthless
Regan second oldest child of Lear, married to Cornwall
Cordelia youngest child of Lear who is honest and gets banished, marries France,
Oswald servant of Goneril
Fool funny servant of Lear
Kent used to be a servant until he was banished
Earl of Gloucester has two sons (eyes get ripped out)
Edgar oldest child of Gloucester who is good, has to leave
Edmund youngest child of Gloucester whois bad, plots against his brother
Who is the first to die? First Servant (killed by Cornwall)
Who is the second to die? Duke of Cornwall (injured by first servant)
who says: Which of you shall we say doth love us most? King Lear
who says: I love you more than word can wield the matter? (AND) A little disquantity your train. Goneril
who says: she is a dowry herself? France
who says: counsel, ride, run, mar a curious tale in telling it, and deliver a plain message bluntly? Kent
define nuncle mine uncle
who says: I have used it, nuncle, e’er since thou maddest thy daughters thy mothers? Fool
who says: What, fifty of my followers at a clap? Within a fortnight? King lear
define fornight two weeks
who says: I did her wrong? King Lear (regrets banishing Cordelia)
who says: Persuade me to the murder of your lordship? Edmund
who says: O madam, my old heart is cracked; it’s cracked? Gloucester
who says: my face will grime with filth? Edgar
What is Edgar’s new identity? New Tom
what is symbolic for death? winter
what is king lear’s relationship with cordelia? she was the favorite between the sisters, but he kicks her out because she said she only loved him like a father; then later he regrets banishing her
what is king lear’s relationship with regan? she lies on how much she loves him; once king lear hands over the land, she is rude to him
what is king lear’s relationship with goneril? she lies on how much she loves him; once king lear gives her a portion of the land, she is disrespectful to him
What is the relationship with Gloucester, Edgar and Edmund? gloucester is the father of the two; edgar is the oldest; edmund is jealous of edgar, so he tricks him and tells him to run away; now edgar is forced to have a new identity “New Tom”
What are the themes of the book? – justice – authority versus chaos- redemption- reconciliation-selfishness
what is the setting of the book? England
What is the type of play? tragedy
shakespeare’s life span: 1564-1616
what was shakespeare company called? the chamberlain’s men and the king’s men
what was shakespeare’s theater called? the globe
where was shakespeare buried? stratford-upon-avon
what is symbolic for superstition, good/bad luck? the wheel of fortune
how is the blinding of gloucester a metaphor? he couldn’t see Edmund’s betrayal and now he literally can’t see
pun play on words
anachronism the act of putting a person, thing, or event in some time where it does not belong
anomaly irregularity, something abnormal
soliloquy when a character in a play utters his/her thoughts aloud
dramatic irony the audience knows something that the character(s) do not
tragedy play in which the main character suffers a downfall
tragic hero noble or lofty character whose downfall is the result of errors in his own judgement
tragic flaw weakness or character trait that cause the downfall
apostrophe figure of speech in which something inanimate or intangible is addressed directly
aside an actor’s words heard by the audience but supposedly not heard by other characters on the stage
KENT advisor to King Lear that was banished for telling Lear the truth, comes back in disguise as a servant
what happened to Cordelia? she was banished and her dowry dropped but France still married her and they live in dover together
DETAILS OF ACT 3: – gloucesters eyes are taken from him by Cornwall- 1st servant tries to tell Cornwall to stop, so 1st seravnt & Cornwall fight, servant dies and cornwall is injured- Edgar is “New Tom”- Lear says edgar is a philosopher- Kent comes to tell Lear to rest bc he thinks that it will help him think more clearly-Lear goes crazy