English II: Merchant of Venice (Act III)

What news has Salarino heard? Antonio has a ship wrecked.
What does Shylock accuse Salarino and Solanio of? How do they answer him? They knew about Jessica’s elopement. They highlight the differences between Jessica and Shylock.
When Salarino asks Shylock about Antonio, how does Shylock respond? He says that he will get revenge.
What attitude towards Jews does Solanio express? He doesn’t like them and refers to them as “Devils”.
What information does Tubal have for Shylock about…His daughter? Antonio? They have not found Jessica and one of Antonio’s ships wrecked.
What does Shylock say about… His daughter? His money? Antonio? He says that he wishes his daughter were dead, that he wants his money back, and Antonio is worth more to him dead that alive.
Why does Portia want Bassanio to delay choosing? If he chooses wrong, he has to leave immediately.
Why does Bassanio want to choose immediately? He wants to know his fate.
How does Bassanio show himself to be different from the Prince of Morocco? He doesn’t judge only by appearance.
What does Portia mean by ‘O life, be moderate’? I am overjoyed.
What is Bassanio’s only criticism of the picture in the casket? It isn’t as pretty as the person.
What, and with what conditions attached, does Portia give to Bassanio as a symbol of her acceptance? She gives him a ring and if he takes it off, it signifies that he no longer loves her.
What is Gratiano’s request? That he can marry Nerissa at the same time as Bassanio marries Portia.
What news do Salerio, Lorenzo, and Jessica bring? They bring a letter from Antonio to Bassanio.
How does Portia respond to the news? She offer to go and help Antonio and pay Shylock (18,000 ducats).
What does Antonio ask of Shylock, and how does Shylock respond? He asks him to listen, but Shylock refuses until he gets his bond.
What is Shylock’s complaint against the jailer? He orders him not to show mercy.
What reason does Antonio give for Shylock’s attitude? He has give money to people who couldn’t pay him back (taken away some of Shylock’s business).
What does Solanio hope will happen? He hopes the Duke won’t allow it.
What reason does Antonio give for dismissing Solanio’s hopes? He said that it would threaten the security of all foreign merchants of Venice if he showed favoritism.
Why does Lorenzo say that Portia should be especially ‘proud’ of herself for accepting Bassanio’s return to Venice? It shows her respect for their friendship.
How does Portia explain her estimation of Antonio? He must be good to be Bassanio’s best friend.
What does Portia tell Lorenzo she plans to do until Bassanio’s return? She plans to go to the monastery to pray and contemplate.
What instructions does Portia give to Balthazar? She tells him to take Padua a letter quickly and take it to Bellario.
What does Portia tell Nerissa she is planning to do? She plans to go to Venice.