English Hamlet Act two and act three

what does polonius want reynaldo to find out about? How does polonius suggest reynaldo get his information? Ask around about his behavior. find out about what danish people are in paris all about Laertes, make up rumors that wont shame him
how does ophelia describe hamlets behavior? knowing what you do about hamlets ruse how does shakespeare intensify the plot? That he was going mad. grabbing her by the wrist no hat on his head shirt unbutton stockings dirty
based on his last lines in this scene what can we infer about poloniuss opinion of hamlet and ophelia love life? that hamlet actually loves her
ophelia is not given much emotion in this play and is ofthen described as frail and simp;le. how do you think she felt about hammlets behavior? why do you think she did not react much? it scared her
Why have Rosencrantz and Guildenstern come to the danish court? Cladius has called them to be friend hamlet and figure out whats wrong
what does the king of norway want from claudius? what is the purpose of this plot line? allow troops to pass through
what does Gertrude mean when she tells polonius”more matter with less heart?” based on how he is characterized is this the kind of comment you think he would get often? please stick to the point
what does polonius say is the reason for hamlet’s madness? what does polonius suggest he and Claudius do to find out if polonius is right? he fallin in love with opheliasend ophelia and listen unto their conversation
how would you describe the tone used by hamlet and polonius in their conversation? what does this reveal about each character’s opinion of each other? hamlet is acting like he doesnt know who poloinous is but later reveals he does
how does hamlet react to the arrival of the players? what use does he propose to make of them? act out his fathers murder
polonius says of hamlet ” though this be madness yet there is method in it” how does the word method deepen the meaning of the passage and shed light on both hamlet and polonius’s characters? that hamlet knows what he is doing
why do you think hamlet chooses to add a speech of some dozen or sixteen lines that he wrote himself to the play? Make a prediction about what he will add based on his objectives for this play. to show that he knows the truth
hamlet tells Rosencrantz and guildenstern , ” denmarks a prison” how does themetaphor help contribute to the theme of the text? shows that hamlet feels captive