English Exam Notes (Romeo and Juliet)

In which town is the play set? In what country do you suppose this town exists? (Yes, this is a real place on our planet.) The play is set in the town of Verona. Which exists within Italy.
In the prologue, Shakespeare tells us that our two title characters are going to kill themselves. (You already knew this, right?) His 1600’s audience would’ve already known the story of Romeo and Juliet from a famous poem of the time, so this information would not have ruined the experience. In fact, many scholars say that knowing the deaths are coming actually improves the play. How could this be? Explain your thoughts. I agree that knowing the deaths are coming can improve the play. That being as, it builds both suspense and tension causing the audience to wonder how the characters will die. That leaving room towards curiosity for the viewers of the play expecting the tragedy.
When Sampson says he will not “carry coals,” what does he mean? What literary technique is being used in this silly exchange between Sampson and Gregory? When Sampson says he will not “carry coals,” he means that he will not take insults from a Montague. In this silly exchange Sampson is making a pun about coal.
In Shakespearean times, biting your thumb was… An insult
Is Benvolio a Montague or a Capulet? Benvolio is a Montague.
Why doesn’t Lady Capulet want her husband to get involved in the fight? Lady Capulet doesn’t want her husband to get involved in the fight because he is old. That expressed when mentioned that he uses a crutch to stand.
How many times have the Capulets and Montagues had street fights recently? The Capulets and Montagues have had 3 street fights recently.
How has Romeo been spending his days recently? Locked in his room being moody
List three of the oxymorons Romeo uses to describe the conflict between his family and the Capulets. Then, explain how the family feud is oxymoronic in it’s nature. The following are the oxymorons Romeo uses to describe the conflict between his family and the Capulets: “Bright fire, sick health, still- walking sleep.” The family feud is oxymoronic in it’s nature as both families hate one another. Yet, are loving towards their own family. Whilst Romeo believes they should be judged on who they are as individuals and not on their family as a whole.
In your own words, rewrite Romeo’s speech about love in Scene 1, lines 176-180, line by line. My love will continue to spread overtime more of my love will show which will add more grief to my own.
Romeo is heartsick over a girl (it’s not Juliet) who is not at all interested in Romeo. Name three of the ineffective romantic strategies Romeo has used in his attempt to woo this girl. The following are the ineffective romantic strategies Romeo did in his attempt to woo the girl: Gifts, gold, and notes or gifts, flirting, making eyes.
Why doesn’t this girl like Romeo? The girl (Roselane) does not like Romeo as she is becoming a nun.
What does Benvolio tell Romeo to do in order to forget the girl who doesn’t want him? Benvolio tells Romeo to look in the beauty of other women, and compare them to Roselane in order to forget about her.
What suit does Paris bring to Capulet in Scene 2? Marry Juliet
How old is Juliet? What are her father’s thoughts about allowing her to marry? Juliet is 13 years old, Capulet’s feel that Juliet is too young to get married in case he would like to wait two years until she gets married.
Lord Capulet’s willingness to allow Juliet to have a say in whom she marries is pretty progressive, since most marriages for their social class at the time would’ve been arranged by parents. Why, do you suppose, Capulet is willing to take Juliet’s feelings into consideration? I believe that Capulet is willing to take Juliet’s feelings into consideration because: Juliet is an only child who survived adulthood and he wants her to be happy.
Why is the Capulet servant upset about having been given a list of party guest to find? The Capulet servant is upset to have been given a list of party guests to find as he is unable to read.
What does Benvolio want to crash the party? Why does Romeo agree? Benvolio wants to crash the party as it is hosted by the Capulets. He would like to take Romeo to see Rosaline, and Romeo wants to get over her.
What does Romeo want to happen to his eyes if they find someone other than Rosaline desirable at the party? What does this show us about Romeo? Romeo wants his tears to turn to fire for lying to him because nobody is more beautiful than Rosaline. This shows us that Romeo is overly dramatic and that he easily falls in love for someone;making them his entire focus. He is greatly ruled by his heart and not his head.
In your own words, explain the Nurse’s two stories about Juliet as a toddler. The first story is about how the nurse got Juliet to stop breastfeeding, the nurse decided to put wormwood on her nipples so when Juliet tasted it she wouldn’t like it and would stop breast feeding. The second story is about when Juliet fell on her face and the nurse’s husband told Juliet that she would be falling on her back when she got married.
Does Lady Capulet want Juliet to love Paris? Yes, Lady Capulet wants Juliet to love Paris. We know this as she says Paris is a gorgeous book and Juliet will be the cover.
What is Juliet’s reaction to her mother’s request? What does this show us about Juliet? Juliet tells her mother that she will look at him but will not look at him like a prize, she is very obeying in her commands she is given, she is practical.
According to Mercutio, who or what is Queen Mab, and what does she do? According to Mercutio’s Queen Mab is the fairies midwife, she delivers fairy babies,dreams to people. Specifically, what she does is give you specific dreams about who you are and what you are feeling or thinking.
What does Romeo say about the value of dreams? Romeo says that he believes dreams hold the secrets of his fate and destiny and therefore have great value.
What does Mercutio say about the value of dreams? Mercutio says he believes that dreams are meaningless and nonsensical.
At the end of scene 4 Romeo mentions the subject of his latest vivid dream. What did Romeo dream? Why isn’t he changing his course of action? What does this show us about Romeo? Romeo dreamt that he goes to a party where something will set forward actions leading an enemy he loves, him dying in ultimately death. Romeo believes fate cannot be changed. This shows us that Romeo is a believer in fate, he is a person who acts first and thinks second; lives in the moment.