English Exam – A Midsummer Night Dream 3,4,+5

When Puck describes to Oberon how the tradesmen/actors reacted when they saw Bottom transformed into a jackass, what analogy does Puck use to describe the manner in which the men scattered? What does this analogy show us about the power that the fairy world has over the mortal world? Fleeing ducks after they heard a gunshotThey are more powerful and more control They can do with they want with the mortals
What does Hermia accuse Demetrius of doing? Killing Lysander
Hermia calls Demetrius both a “worm” and an “adder.” What’s an adder? How are both descriptions appropriate for Demetrius? Adder – a small venomous Eurasian snake that has a dark zigzag pattern on its back and bears live young.He is wrong for killing Lysander She thinks he killed him and that he is evil Snake cheated on Helena, liesWorms his way in t things he shouldn’t be in
How are both Puck and Oberon going to correct Puck’s earlier mistake? Puts the flower juice in Demetrius eyes so he falls in love with Helena
Why is Helena upset when Demetrius says he loves her? Isn’t this what she had wanted all along? She thinks she is mocking her because he said all those means things to her earlier but now he is being nice to herThinks that he is messing with her
Of what does Helena accuse Hermia? Of making Demetrius and Lysander pretend to love to mock her and make fun of her
Describe the friendship of Hermia and Helena in their younger days. What fruit analogy does Helena use to describe their former friendship? Hermia and Helena were close they were even close enough to tell each other secret Lysander and Hermia running away together they were like sister they were always togetherTwo cherries and one stem
Helena and Hermia have similar names, but their physical appearance is quite different. Which girl is tall? Which girl is short? Which has dark hair and a darker complexion? Which is blond and pale/light? Helena is tall, blond, and pale and weak. Hermia is short, has dark hair, and a darker complexion and strong.
Why is Helena afraid of Hermia? Hermia is short but she is strong and know how to fight
What are Lysander and Demetrius’ plans for each other? They plan to fight to see who is more worthy of Helena
What does Oberon tell Puck to do about the two young men? Lead them away from each other than put the flower on Lysander’s eyes once he has led them both away from each otherTo make the sky look like night and lead them away from each other, and then get them to go to sleep after that they’re going to put the flower on Lysander’s eyes and all 4 four of them will return to normal
What is Oberon going to do about Titania? Take the Indian boy from her before the flower spell get’s revealed
How well does Puck’s trickery work? Pretty well he has all of them he has them all were he wants them
How has Bottom adjusted to the attention of Titania and her fairies? He adjusted really fast and loves all the attention Spoiled and doesn’t mind ordering the fairies around
How does Oberon use Titania’s infatuation with Bottom to help him gain custody of the Indian boy? She makes her feel guilty about her infatuation on Bottom and uses the guilty tricks her to into giving him the boy
What sort of explanation will Oberon make to Titania’s question about what happened to her? Do you think he will tell her the truth? He will tell her everything, but the flower juice part
Why are Theseus, Hippolyta, Egeus, and others out in the woods so early in the morning? To go hunting It’s May Day first day of May
What is Theseus’ first explanation of why the young people are asleep in the woods? They heard he was going hunting and they came to praise himIt’s May day so they are out to celebrate
Explain Demetrius’ meaning when he equates his hatred/love for Helena with sickness and food. That he likes her but at the same time he hates herHe was sick so he didn’t want all the things he liked but when he was healthy again he wanted herHe was sic and didn’t want her now and that why he was chasing Hermia that he is healthy he released he wanted Helena
What is Theseus’ decision concerning the four young people? He over rules Euges and says that these 2 couples are going to get married at the same time as him
Why can’t the young people be sure whether they are awake or dreaming? They can’t believe what’s happening and are to see if So much weird stuff happened, and they all had the same 3 dream, and now the duke is saying let’s all get married togetherNot even sure if it is real or not because so much weird stuff
Bottom believes he, too, has had a dream. What’s funny about this short passage at the end of the scene? He wants to make his dream a songHis dream was so great that everyone needs to know about this dreamHe thinks wow that I could and happy and I wouldn’t be surprised
What opinion do the other tradesmen/actors now have of Bottom since they think he is lost? That he is so great and they can’t do anything without him, and that he was great they would have gotten money
What do they most regret losing by not being able to perform the play? That they won’t get the money
Why must the tradesmen/actors hurry to the Duke’s palace? The Duke wants them to perform they want to practice real quickThey are late and they need to hurry and get ready
When discrediting the young Athenians’ stories, Theseus says, “Lovers and madmen have such seething brains, such shaping fantasies, that apprehend more than cool reason ever comprehends.” Explain his meaning. Do you agree with his idea? Explain your answer. That it is weird all 4 of them had the same dream, and that maybe it really do happenThat person in love can be crazy just like someone who goes madYes, they become crazy and start to focus on the person
Why does Theseus choose to see the play about Pyramus and Thisby rather than the other entertainment options? He finds it the weird that the play can be tragic and funny and short and long at the sameHe also wants to see they will put this all together
What evidence do we have in lines 89-105 that Theseus is a kind-hearted ruler? That it would be meaner to not let them perform than to perform and have them make fun of themselvesQuince fumbles in stride, saying the players don’t stand on points, but The Ease doesn’t mind the mistakesGives them a chance, and many people have come to say something to me that there were so nervous and that he is always so kind to them
How is Quince’s prologue reflective of what Theseus said in lines 89-105? That exactly what happens and that’s why his sentences were wrong
In lines 155-156, what heavy-handed literary technique is being used? Alliteration – all the words start with the same letter
Do you find the newlyweds’ commentary during the play to be funny or annoying? Explain your answer. Yes, because they are just insulting them and not taking the play seriously Annoying because it’s disrespectful and mean
In what way is Thisby/Flute’s final speech humorous? The comparisons he/she use doesn’t make him seem very good-looking
Write down the lines from Theseus’ last bit of text that show he actually enjoyed the play. The play made time pass, even though play was bad the couples still enjoyed it
What wedding gift do Titania and Oberon give all three wedded couples? The blessed them- Always be in love- Future children will be blessed
What is the purpose of Puck’s final speech? What’s ironic (and sort of silly) about Shakespeare ending his play this way? That it was what happened to the couplesTheseus said not to makes an excuse and that exactly what happened