English 9.2.5 (Romeo and Juliet)

Montague family and Capulet family fight for no reason. The story takes place in VERONA and was written by William Shakespeare in the 1590s.
Romeo was in love with Rosaline so he went to the Capulet’s ball. He found out because an illiterate guy was assigned to give the letters and he asked Romeo for help
They got married the day after they met or the Capulet’s ball
Mercutio was killed by Tybalt which is why Romeo killed him for revenge
Romeo went to MANTUA and the Nurse advised Juliet to MARRY PARIS. She did not want to do that so Friar Laurence made a plan to make her drink a potion to make her dead (?) for 42 hours
The messenger [Friar John (movie) or Balthasar (original)] was supposed to send the message to Romeo but he helped a sick boy instead (movie)
Benvolio is the PEACEMAKER of the story. In the movie, he was the one who placed both of their hands together
Romeo and Juliet = “star-crossed”
William Shakespeare Who wrote Romeo and Juliet
1590s In what decade was Romeo and Juliet written?
Verona Where does the story Romeo and Juliet take place?
The Montagues (Romeo) and the Capulets (Juliet) Two families against each other
Montague Romeo’s family
Capulet Juliet’s family
Tybalt Juliet’s cousin. He was against the two lovers. He killed Mercutio and was killed by Romeo.
Mercutio Romeo’s best friend. He was killed by Tybalt.
Benvolio Romeo’s cousin. He was known as the “peacemaker” and was Romeo’s “conscience”
Friar Laurence He was the one who officiated Romeo and Juliet’s wedding. He was the mastermind of the plan concerning Juliet’s “death”
Count Paris Juliet’s fiancĂ©e. Juliet “killed” herself on the day of their wedding. He was killed by Romeo outside of Juliet’s tomb
Friar John He was the messenger in the movie.
Balthasar He was the messenger in the play
Rosaline She was the reason why Romeo went to the ball. Romeo’s unrequited love.
Prince Escalus The leader of Verona
Lady & Lord Capulet Juliet’s parents
Lady & Lord Montague Romeo’s parents
Nurse She was the one who told the lovers about the other’s identity. She was aware of the wedding between the two and knew about the plan concerning the “death” of Juliet
1. Montagues and Capulets fight2. Romeo falls in love with Juliet at the masquerade ball hosted by the Capulets3. Romeo and Juliet’s secret wedding4. Tybalt kills Mercutio and Romeo kills Tybalt in revenge5. Romeo is banished6. Juliet’s marriage to Count Paris will carry through7. Juliet fakes her death by drinking a potion8. The messenger who was sent to tell Romeo about the plan wasn’t able to reach him9. Romeo and Juliet kill themselves (Romeo via potion and Juliet via dagger)10. Montagues and Capulets end the feud What are the events in the story Romeo and Juliet?
“star-crossed” Shakespeare called the two — lovers
Love story destined to end in tragedy What does “star-crossed” mean?
Unknown The reason for the feud between the two families is…
“I’ve never seen true beauty until tonight” What did Romeo say when he saw Juliet for the first time?
Mantua Romeo was exiled to…
Marry Count Paris The nurse advised Juliet to — after Romeo was exiled