Eng. Othello Act V

Who is Lodovico? one of Brabantio’s kinsmen; brings letter of Cassio becoming new governor, talks with Iago about Othello’s instability when O is mad bc D is glad that Cassio is the new governor
Who is Gratiano? one of Brabantio’s kinsmen under Lodovico; tells that Brabantio is dead in Act V; Brabantio’s brother, D’s uncle
Who is Montano? the governor of Cyprus before Othello
Who does Emilia think is guilty at the beginning of Act 5, Scene 2 and what changes that? Cassio (thinks he killed innocent Roderigo but actually Iago did); Othello says that Cassio should have died because he had an affair and Emilia knows the affair didn’t happen and realizes Iago lied
Who dies? Roderigo (C stabs and Iago kills), Desdemona (Othello kills), Emilia (Iago kills), Othello
5.1 Roderigo is about to kill Cassio. If Roderigo lives, he will ask Iago for his dowry money; if Cassio lives, Iago’s lies about him will be found out when he becomes governor so Iago wants Cassio dead. Roderigo tries to stab Cassio but doesn’t hit because of armor, Cassio stabs Roderigo, Iago stabs Cassio (but everyone thinks it was Roderigo).Othello is glad that Iago stabbed Cassio. Cassio tells Iago that Roderigo tried to kill him so Iago stabs/kills Roderigo. Bianca comes in and is shocked. Iago tells Emilia that Roderigo and others attacked Cassio and it was because Cassio ate dinner with a *****, Bianca.
5.2 O kisses D before he kills her but she wakes up. O tells her to confess but she says she didn’t give the handkerchief to Cassio or have sex with him but O says Cassio confessed and he’s now dead. O smothers her. Emilia tells O that Cassio killed innocent Roderigo. O says Cassio should have died and not Roderigo. D tells Emilia she killed herself and then dies. O says D was a liar because he killed her because she cheated and Emilia says Iago lied about D’s infidelity and O was wrong to kill her. Emilia tells everyone Iago, Montano, Gratiano that Iago’s lies about D made O kill her and that she stole the handkerchief for Iago. Gratiano says D’s marriage killed her dad. Iago stabs Emilia and she dies. O feels guilty and admits he told Iago to kill Cassio. O stabs Iago and his sword is taken away. Letters are found of Iago telling Roderigo to prove Cassio (to fight) and later to kill him. Cassio says Iago put the handkerchief in his room. O stabs himself and dies. Iago says he won’t speak again and is going to be punished. Cassio will be the governor.
Is there a point in this story at which Othello should have realized Iago was lying to him? If so, write a paragraph about the place you believe this realization should have taken place. Why do you think Othello doesn’t realize he’s being “played?” III, 3: Othello doesn’t know if Iago is being honest about Desdemona’s infidelity but Iago convinces him that he is. Iago tells the story of when Cassio sleep-talked about his love for Desdemona and kissed Iago as her. Iago conveniently has evidence as soon as Othello is doubtful. Then Othello tells Iago to kill Cassio.
How is this play a cautionary tale- what does the play warn against? This play warns against putting trust in people that you may have hurt even if you didn’t realize it because Othello hurt Iago by not making him lieutenant and Iago spent the entire play trying to get back at Iago for it.
Why do you think Cassio and Roderigo also become such pawns- does this speak more about Iago’s cunningness, or does becoming pawns speak to their naiveté? Provide specific examples from the play. their naivete: II, 3: Cassio doesn’t want to get drunk but Iago makes him and tells Montano as soon as he is that Cassio does this oftenII, 1: When Cassio kisses D’s hand to be polite, Iago tells Roderigo that it’s because they’re in love and convinces Roderigo to provoke Cassio to fight once he is drunk