Elements of a Shakespearean Tragedy in Hamlet

Name the elements of a Shakespearean Tragedy – Revenge motive- Internal and external conflicts- comic relief- Tragic hero/flaw/mistake- Supernatural element- Chance Happenings
Revenge motive – Hamlet seeks revenge on Claudius for killing his father and marrying his mother- Laertes seeks revenge of Hamlet for killing his father, Polonius… and driving his sister insane- Fortinbras seeks revenge on the Danes for killing his father
Internal and external conflicts – Hamlet has a lot of internal conflict, as well as Claudius- Basically all of the external conflicts are Hamlet vs everyone else
Comic relief – grave diggers scene (use of malapropisms)- Hamlet teasing Polonius
Tragic hero/flaw/mistake Hamlet is the tragic hero… his flaw is his inability to act… his mistake is killing Polonius.
Supernatural element King Hamlet’s ghost tells Hamlet to seek revenge on Claudius
Chance happenings – pirate ship- Hamlet hides in the graveyard during Ophelia’s funeral