Deaths of Hamlet

Ophelia drowns
Polonius Dies while SPYING- doing what he loved and how he lived his life.
Gertrude Dies by the hand of her husband. Mistakenly drinks the poison (Cladius doesn’t stop her). The king says she has just fainted at the sight of blood, but he’s really just selfishly trying to cover. She tries to warn Hamlet. (role of women– was Oblivious to the plot against Hamlet because she foolishly trusted her husband)
Claudius is killed by Hamlet. Hamlet stabs him with the Poison sword that killed laertes and forces him to drink the Poison that killed his mother.
Laertes in a duel, upsets Hamlet and is stabbed with the poison sword he had tried to kill hamlet with. apologizes to Hamlet before he dies, but also reveals THE KING IS TO BLAME
Hamlet the last to die, Laertes had scratched him with a poison sword. asks Horatio to tell the story & make Fortinbras king.
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern killed by England
King Hamlet ear poison—-> the downfall of the kingdom starts with claudius killing his brother.