Dagger Soliloquy – Macbeth

“Is this a dagger which i see before me” FEMININE ENDING shows unstressed syllable on “me” which shows emphasis on “dagger”this implies that the dagger could be for someone else and Macbeth cannot decide whether the dagger is for him. Its just a matter of if he takes it or not.
“and such an instrument i was to use” “was” being past tense shows that what he saw was just a vision.It shows he might of had a change of heart because its past tense which suggests he might not use the dagger anymore.
“withered murder” murder is personified which shows that it is important and dominant in Macbeths mind.it also suggests that the murder has a mind of its own and is trying to take control.
“sure and firmset earth, hear not my steps” illustrates macbeths paranoia, he is sure that he is either going to be caught of they are going to link him to the murder he’s about to commit.
“bloody business” Euphanism for murdermacbeth avoids using the word murder as he does not want to come to the realisation of what he is going to do