Coriolanus: Warfare

“Is he not… wounded?” A2, Menenius
“he has been… bred i’th’wars” A3, Menenius
“he is a lion… that I am proud to hunt” A1, Corio
“shields before your hearts… and fight with hearts more proof than shields” A1, Corio
“I’ll take him for a Volsce,… and he shall feel mine edge” A1, Corio
“make my wars… on you” “down with them!” A1, Corio
“Come I… too late?” A1, Corio
“If any think… brave death outweighs bad life” A1, Corio
“A bribe… to pay my sword” A1, Corio
“Wrath o’erwhelmed… my pity” A1, corio
“no, I’ll die… here” A3, Corio
“If he slay me, he does fair justice… if he give me way, I’ll do his country service” A4, Corio
“present my… throat to thee” A4, Corio
“thing of blood” “mortal gate… of the city” A2, Cominius
“struck Corioli… like a planet” A2, Cominius
“never stood to… ease his breast with panting” A2, Cominius
“Our spoils he… kick’d at” A2, Cominius
“One fire drives out… one fair; one nail, one nail” A4, Aufidius
“Rome is thine,… thou art poor’st of all; then shortly art thou mine” A4, Aufidius
“he sold the blood… and labour of our great action” A5, Aufidius
“I’ll renew me… in his fall” A5, Aufidius
“the traitor” “dost thou think I’ll… grace thee with that robbery?”
“thou boy… of tears” “insolent villain” A5, Aufidius
“I had rather had eleven… die nobly for their country than one voluptuously surfeit out of action” A1, Volumnia
“Oh, he is wounded,… I thank the Gods for’t” A2, Volumnia
“there will be… large cicatrices to show the people” A2, Volumnia
“foolhardiness!… not I” A1, soldiers
“slain, sir,… doubtless” A1, soldiers
“enter certain Romans,… with spoils” A4, Soldiers
“how often he… had met you sword to sword” A3, Lartius
“he hated… your person most” A3, Lartius
“greater soldier… than he your wot on” servingmen/citizens, A4
“let me have war, say I; it exceeds peace” servingmen/citizens, A4
“peace is a very apoplexy, lethargy;… mulled, deaf, sleepy, insensible” servingmen/citizens, A4
“you have pushed out… your gates the very defender of them” A5, Volsces
“prepare for… your execution” A5, volsces