what poet favored Coriolanis to other Shakespeare plays T.S. Eliot
Where does this play take place Rome, Italy
what character type is missing from this play Clown
Which virtue is of greatest importance to Coriolanus Valor
Where does the play open? on a street in Rome
A problem with the hero? How does his mother raising him instead of a father affect him much? (this usually applies to the heroine of Shakespeare works).
Who does he bow in front of instead of his wife when he returns from war? his mother
What does Coriolanus have to do to become a consul? Show off his scars to all of the people (stand mostly naked) and he doesn’t want to do this
What advice does his mother (Volumnia) give him? Lie to the people
Who is Coriolanus’s mother? Volumnia
what do the citizens demand? to set the price for the city’s grain supply
how many representatives are the common people granted? five
who is the crabby old soldier/patrician Caius Martius (later Coriolanus)
what tribe do they fight against the Volscians
what city are they able to take as a result of the first war (and the heroism of Martius Corioles
what two men sway the votes of the common people against Coriolanus Brutus and Sicinius
what enemy does Coriolanus agree to make peace with Aufidius in the city of Antium
what is the name of Coriolanus’s wife? Virgilia
why was Coriolanus able to accomplish such great things because all his life he was told that he could
what insect is mentioned being caught and killed butterflies
Menenius bashes what? garlic breath
who does Coriolanus listen to the most? He takes advice from the women in his life over the men
what are the dangers of preaching the rich man poor you shouldn’t listen to people on how you ought to live one’s life
what crime is Coriolanus often accused of treason
what does this play suggest about “the people” they are easily manipulated, all they worry about is their next meal, they don’t harbor any ambition, this play holds them in contempt because Coriolanus doesn’t become great by listening to the people

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