Characters from The Tempest

Prospero Used to be the rightful Duke of Milan; his brother stole the crown from him; father of Miranda; found refuge on and island
Miranda Daughter of Prospero; has been on the island since she was three (12 years); Fell madly in love with Ferdinand
Antonio Prospero’s younger brother who is now the Duke of Milan; Convinces Sebastian to kill Prospero
Ferdinand Alonso’s son; separated from his family during the tempest; falls madly in love with Miranda
Alonso King of Naples; believes his son is dead but is happy to find him later alive in the book
Sebastian Alonso’s brother; easily led into plotting his own brother’s murder
Caliban The offspring of the witch, Sycorax and the devil; Prospero has made him his servant; Caliban wants to kill Prospero in return
Ariel A spirit of the air; he assists Prospero on seeking retribution on his enemies
Trinculo The king’s jester. When Stephano arrives with wine Trinculo joins him in drinking they agree on a plot to kill Prospero
Stephano The king’s butler who arrives on the island drunk then quickly gets involved in a plot to kill prospero
Gonzalo An elderly counselor who saves Miranda and Prospero’s lives.
How did Prospero and Miranda come to live on the island? When Antonio stole the crown from Prospero, Prospero and Miranda got banished from Milan
Who is Ferdinand, and what happens when he meets Miranda? Ferdinand is Alonso’s son; he falls madly in love with Miranda when they meet
Why did Prospero become rude to Ferdinand? Because he is protective of his daughter
Why were Alonso and his men in Africa? Who is Claribel? What is Alonso afraid of Alonso and his men were in Africa to marry Alonso’s daughter Claribel. Alonso is afraid that Prospero has something to do with all the bad stuff that has been happening to him
What do Antonio and Sebastian do while the others sleep? Kill Prospero and Gonzalo
Why does Caliban take up with Stephano and Trinculo? They all want to kill Prospero
What do Ferdinand and Miranda decide to do in Scene One? Get Married
What does Caliban want to do with Stephano and Trinculo while Prospero naps in the afternoon? They want to kill Prospero
What tricks do Prospero and Ariel play on Alonso’s group? Ariel transports into a harpy and makes Alonso regret what he did
You cram these words into mine ears against The stomach of my sense. Would I had never Married my daughter there! for, coming thence, My son is lost and, in my rate, she too, Who is so far from Italy removed I ne’er again shall see her. O thou mine heir Of Naples and of Milan, what strange fish Hath made his meal on thee? Alonso is talking to Gonzalo he is mad because ehe just married her daughter away far away in Africa and now his son is dead so he feels like he has no family anymore
his bold head ‘Bove the contentious waves he kept, and oar’d Himself with his good arms in lusty stroke To the shore, that o’er his wave-worn basis bow’d, As stooping to relieve him: I not doubt He came live to land. Francisco is talking to Alonso. he is saying or telling Alonso that he saw Ferdinand swim to shore
Worthy Sebastian? O, what might?—No more:— And yet me thinks I see it in thy face, What thou shouldst be: the occasion speaks thee, and My strong imagination sees a crown Dropping upon thy head. Alonso is telling Sebastian that he should kill Prospero and Gonzalo so he would be king.
Here lies your brother, No better than the earth he lies upon, If he were that which now he’s like, that’s dead; Whom I, with this obedient steel, three inches of it, Can lay to bed for ever Antonio is talking to Sebastian is saying here is your sleeping brother kill him now.
To every article,I boarded the King’s ship; on on the beak,Now in the waist, the deck, in every cabin,I flamed amazement. Sometimes I’d divideAnd burn in many places. On the topmast,The yards, and bowsprit would I flame distinctly,Then meet and join. This is Ariel talking to Prospero telling him that in the tempest he cause lightning and thunder which caused fire
My brother and thy uncle, called Antonio–I pray thee, mark me–that a brother shouldBe so perfidious!–he whom next thyselfOf all the world I loved and to him putThe manage of my state, as at that timeThrough all the signories it was the first Prospero is talking to Miranda and telling her how she is supposed to be a princess but Antonio stole the crown from him
I do not knowOne of my sex, no woman’s face rememberSave, from my glass, mine own. Nor have I seenMore that I may call men than you, good friend,And my dear father. Miranda is telling Ferdinand that she has never seen a mother woman before so she can not compare herself to anyone so she thinks she is not worthy of Ferdinand’s love
TrueAnd look how well m y garments sit upon me;Much feater than before: my brother’s servantsWere then my fellows; now they are my men Antonio is saying to Sebastian kill Prospero. I stole the crown and look how good things turned out for me