Character Quotes for Romeo and Juliet

Prince Escalus “If ever you disturb our streets again, / Your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace”
Juliet “I’ll look to like, if looking liking move”
Mercutio “If love be rough with you, be rough with love”
Romeo “Did my heart love till now… / For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night”
Juliet “My grave is like to be my wedding bed”
Juliet “My only love, sprung from my only hate”
Romeo “But soft what light through yonder window breaks? / It is the East, and Juliet is the sun”
Juliet “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? / Deny thy father and refuse thy name”
Juliet “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet”
Juliet “O, swear not by the moon, th’ inconstant moon”
Nurse “Then hie you hence to Friar Lawrence’ cell; / There stays a husband to make you a wife”
Friar Lawrence “These violent delights have violent ends”
Tybalt “Romeo…thou art a villain”
Romeo “the reason that I have to love thee / Doth much excuse the appertaining rage / … Villain am I none”
Mercutio “A plague a both your houses!”
Mercutio “a scratch, a scratch”
Mercutio “Ask for / me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man”
Mercutio “They have made worms’ meat of me”
Romeo “This day’s black fate on moe days doth depend; / This but begins the woe others must end”
Romeo “I am fortune’s fool!”
Lord Capulet “Death lies on her like an untimely frost / Upon the sweetest flower of all the field”
Prince Escalus “See what a scourge is laid upon your hate, / That heaven finds means to kill your joys with love”
Prince Escalus “For never was a story of more woe / Than this of Juliet and her Romeo”
Romeo Last Words “Thus with a kiss I die”
Juliet Last Words “There rust and let me die”
Mercutio “Why the devil came you between us”
Nurse “I think its best you marry with the County.”
Romeo “Ha, banishment? Be merciful:say death”
Friar Lawrence “Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast.”
Juliet “Prodigious birth of love it is to me,That I must love a loathed enemy.”
Romeo “I do protest I never injured thee. But love theee better than thou canst devise Till thou shalt know the reason of my love. And so, good Capulet, which name I tender As dearly as mine own, be satisfied.”
Mercutio “A plague o’ both houses!”
Mercutio “Why the devil came you between us?”
Romeo “Ha, banishment? Be merciful, say “death,” for exile hath more terror in his look”
Friar Lawrence “A gentler judgment vanished from his lips: Not body’s death, but body’s banishment.”
Capulet “Sir Paris, I will make a desperate tender of my child’s love. I think she will [be] ruled..”
Juliet “O, think’st thou shall ever meet again?”
Romeo “I doubt it not; and all these woes shall serve For sweet discourses in our times to come.”
Juliet “Indeed, I never shall be satisfied with Romeo till I behold him-dead-Is my poor heart, so for a kinsman vexed.”
Prince Escalus “A glooming peace this morning with it brings. The sun for sorrow will not show his head. Go hence to have more talk of these sad things. Some shall be pardoned, and some punished. For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”
Chorus “Two household, both alike in dignity, In fair Verons, where we lay our scene.”
Prince Escalus “Capulet, Montague, see what a scourge is laid upon your hate, that heaven finds means to kill your joys with love! And I, for winking at your discords too, have lost a brace of kinsmen. All are punished.”