Character Map – King Lear

Edgar legitimate son of Gloucester, disguises himself as Poor Tom, leads Gloucester to Dover, kills Edmond, becomes King
Kent truth teller, Disguises himself as Caius. Loyal and noble servant to Lear
Cordelia truth teller. Youngest daughter, loves Lear, and heals him, loses battle and is hanged in prison.
King of France sees the value of Cordelia and marries her. She leads his army for Lear
Oswald Gonerill’s messenger
Gonerill eldest daughter, wife to Albany. Cruel to Lear, kills sister, commits suicide
Albany Gonerill’s unloved husband. Loyal to Lear. Helps Edgar challenge Edmond, decides the next King
Edmond betrays Edgar and Gloucester for inheritance. Deathbed repentance is too late to save Cordelia’s life
Cornall Regan’s violent husband, blinds Gloucester before being killed by servant
Gloucester believes Edmond’s lies about Edgar. Saved from suicide by Edgar after he is blinded by Cornwall
King Lear divides his kingdom, rejects Cordelia, rejected by Gonerill and Regan. Goes mad, healed after the storm by Cordelia. Dies after Cordelia is hanged
fool truth teller, endures the storm, is possibly hanged