As You Like It Act 3

What problems has Orlando caused for his brother? What does Duke Frederick tell Oliver to do? What penalty does he face if he does not do it? Why is all this ironic? Orlando caused problems including
What is Touchstone’s response to country life? How does it differ from Corin’s? Touchstones response to country life is
What has Rosalind/Ganymede found on the trees? Does she know who put it there? Do we? How does Touchstone’s parody of the poem affect how we understand the scene? Rosalind found
What happens when Celia/Aliena reveals that the lover is Orlando? When she reveals this
What has been the result of the meeting between Orlando and Jaques? The result of the meeting is
How does Rosalind/Ganymede propose to talk to Orlando? Why does she say he can’t be the one putting up the poems? How does she propose to cure his love? How does Orlando respond to the idea? She proposes that
Who is Audrey? What do we know about her from this scene? Why won’t Sir Oliver Mar-text marry them? What is Jaques’ response to the proposed marriage of Audrey and Touchstone? How does this scene comment on what has happened in 3.2? Audrey is
What makes Rosalind/Ganymede sad this time? What happened when Rosalind met her father Duke Senior? What diversion does Corin propose? Rosalind is sad because
How do Silvius and Phoebe fit into the collection of lovers we have met so far? What happens when Rosalind/Ganymede talks to them? How does Phoebe respond to Rosalind/Ganymede? Silvius and Phoebe fit into the collection of lovers because