Appearance vs Reality in ‘Othello’

Iago on Othello He thinks men honest that but seem to be so
Iago lies about his personality I will wear my heart upon my sleeve For daws to peck at: I am not what I am.
Desdemona’s appearance to Othello A young and rose-lipped cherubin
Desdemona’s alleged betrayal makes her seem… Grim as hell
Brabantio can’t accept the truth of his daughter. She is… Half the wooer
Iago on Desdemona False as hell
Othello confirms his love for Desdemona Perdition catch my soul But I do love thee!
Othello is suspicious of Iago This honest creature doubtless Sees and knows more, much more, than he unfolds.
Othello needs to be sure Iago is right about Desdemona’s infidelity Give me the ocular proof
Iago on his discussions with Othello What he found himself was apt and true.