AOS The Tempest Paragraphs

Miranda transforms into woman (4) “Dost thou hear?”- P, “Your tale, sir, would cure deafness”- compliant”Having but seen him and Caliban. foolish , to h’most of men his is a Caliban and to him they are angels!””bear your logs the while. Pray give me that; I’ll carry it to the pile”,I am your wife… You may deny me; but I’ll be your servant, Whether you will or no.”
Prospero’s transformation (4) A tempestuous noise of thunder and lightning The ivy which ad hid my princely trunk, and sucked my verdure out on’t”…That if you now behold them, your affections would become tender”- personification of “affections” “Dost thou think so spirit?”The rarer action is in virtue, than in vengeance.”
Miranda’s discovery of evil (3) “goodly creatures”, “beauteous””Dost thou hear?”- P, “Your tale, sir, would cure deafness”The ivy which ad hid my princely trunk, and sucked my verdure out on’t” “Oh, my heart bleeds.”-
P discovers C trying to rape M (3) “Thou stork’s me and made much of me” Thou most lying slave, whom stripes may move, not kindness!”, “A devil, a born devil, on whose nature Nurture can never stick”
P’s planning (4) A tempestuous noise of thunder and lightning “It goes on, I see, As my soul prompts it.Enter MIRANDA: and PROSPERO behind.]You rw three men of sin, …; you ‘mongst men Being most unfit to live
Planning becomes meaningful (3) As bondage e’er of freedom: here’s my hand. – fAnd mine, with my heart in’t: and now farewell Till half an hour hence- mFair encounter Of two most rare affections! Heavens rain grace On that which breeds between them!-
The night face-up- Julio Cortazar (4) “The guard shook his hand and wished him luck…meanwhile they were pushing him on a wheeled stretcher towards a pavilion further back, rolling along under trees full of birds””his feet sank into a bed of leaves and mud…the hand that had unconsciously gripped the haft of the dagger climbed like a fen scorpion up to his neck””..he would not wake, that he was awake, that the marvelous dream had been the other..””In the infinite lie of that dream they… face up with his eyes shut in the midst of the fires.”- hellish imagery, death
Does It Matter? Siegfried Sasson (4) “Does it matter?”-anaphora”Losing your legs?””You can drink and forget and be glad, no one will think you’re mad””For you’ve fought for your country and no one will worry a bit”
Snow- Anne Beattie (4) “..were looking into an enormous field of Queen Anne’s lace.”””Any life will seem dramatic if you omit mention of most of it.”,”No mention has been made of the snowplow that seemed always to be there… though neither of us could have said where the heart was.”,Motif of snow
Attitude- Margaret Atwood ” You may feel that the only thing to do when you’ve reached this stage is to take up nail-biting, mantras, or jogging…like scratching, which are resorted to in moments of unresolved conflict. “- accumulation of kinesthetic imaery and anxious tone embodies students, humour, high modality”Which brings us to the hidden agenda of this speech. What you are being ejected into today is a world that is both half empty and half full.”- allusion to the proverbial phrase, high modality of “ehected” -> reality, wird choice of hidden agenda”You may not be able to alter reality,…. it and see”- Use of a pause emphasises “try it and see”, repitition of pronoun “you”