AO3 King Lear quotes – parent/child relationships

O’toole some critics believe that Cordelia has a “fatal flaw” in “not telling a small lie for the sake of a greater truth”
Rubio Cordelia is “an opposition to Lear’s authority”. She uses Silence, the only possible way of subversion” for women of the middle ages
Crouch Director of the Young Shakespeare version of ‘King LearCordelia and the Fool “Look after him, they comment on him, they help him to see”
Tromly Like Edmund, “Edgar is toying with his father”
Heilman The suicide scene “clarifies the essential difference” between the two sons. Edgar deceives father for “profit, Edgar for the “spiritual” finding of his father
Knight “Lear is mentally a child, in passion a titan”
Alfar Goneril and Regan act “in perfect imitation of their father” “Lear is unwilling to submit to his daughters’ authority”
Wells when he gives up his masculinity, “the natural equilibrium breaks down”
Harrison “Children are naturally loyal to their parents”
Onyett there are “undertones of incestuous desire”