Activity: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

In A Midsummer Night’s Dream it is funny when? Their is a ass headed horse.
Shakespeare uses dramatic irony and situational irony to add to the comedic effect by? He uses dramatic irony when Hermia is not aware of the situation being taken place when Demetrius and Lysander are fighting over Heleana’s love. ” A privilege never to see me more, And from thy hated presence part I so. See me no more, whether he be dead or no” (Act 3 scene 2). He uses situational irony when the audience expects the opposite to happen. Example of situational Irony is when “Why are you grown so rude? What change is this, Sweet love? ” ( Act 3 scene 2)
Shakespeare uses comedic strategies with? Wordplay, love in comedy, and mistaken identities. One example of wordplay is “I am amazed at your words. I scorn you not. It seems that you scorn me.” (Act 3 scene 2)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream is both high and low brow humor because: It has highbrow humor because it has a lot of comedy and it has lowbrow humor because it has dramatic scenes as well.