Act III Hamlet

To be or not to be soliloquy (We’ve already had a quiz on this but) Hamlet contemplates suicide, but does not. He now thinks he is weak and a coward
What does Ophelia give to Hamlet His love letters
What does Hamlet yell to Ophelia Get thee to a nunnery!
How does Ophelia react to Hamlet She is very sad (kind of shaken up) and says he had everything and now he is crazy
How do Polonius and Claudius react to Hamlet’s madness They want to get rid of Hamlet (send him to England)
What does Hamlet tell the actors to do Act naturally (oxymoron)
When Hamlet is talking to the actors about how to act what is Shakespeare really saying He hates overacting
In the play what is the character the king saying to his queen I am getting old, when I die, you can remarry
In the play how does the character the queen reply to her king No! I will never remarry, every time I sleep with my new husband, I am killing my first
What happens right before the play A weird pantomiming show
What happens in the play (This is Hamlet’s write in and this pisses Claudius off) The king’s brother kills the king by poisoning his ear
How does the king react to the play, what does he yell “Give me some light” Leaves the show
What is the name of the show, what does Hamlet call it The Murder of Gonzago, The Mouse Trap
What does Hamlet now know about Claudius He killed his brother
Why does Hamlet tell Guildenstern to play a recorder To make a point. He is saying that they are trying to play him like a recorder, but he see through their ways
WHAT IS THE CLIMAX When Claudius is in the chapel praying, Hamlet has the opportunity to kill him but does not
Why is Claudius praying He is “repenting”
Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius It is not a perfect revenge
After the climax where does Hamlet go To his mother’s chamber
Who is hiding/spying in Gertrude’s chamber Polonius
Why does Gertrude scream for help She is fearful of Hamlet because he is acting crazy
Who tries to help Gertrude Polonius
What happens to Polonius Hamlet stabs and kills him
How is Polonius’s death ironic He dies spying (doing what he loves)
How does Hamlet react to Polonius’s death He says he is not as bad as Gertrude
Who did Hamlet think he stabbed The king (does he really though… he just saw the king in the chapel. Stupid Hamlet)
What is the Dramatic Reverse (event in story) Killing Polonius
What is Dramatic Reverse (definition) The action that causes Hamlet’s downfall
Who comes in after the death of Polonius King Hamlet’s Ghost
Why does Gertrude think Hamlet is going crazy (REMEMBER SHE CANT SEE THE GHOST) He is going crazy for no reason
Why is the ghost there He broke one of his requests (Cannot harm Gertrude)
What does Hamlet tell Gertrude (2 things) 1. Don’t go to bed with Claudius (Oedipus complex?) 2. Don’t tell anyone he is pretending to be crazy