Act II Romeo And Juliet

How does Juliet know that it is Romeo beneath her balcony? He calls her dear saint; she recognizes his voice
Why would Romeo wish to be a glove or a bird? a glove-so he can touch Juliet’s cheek; a bird-so that he could be her pet
What is the morbid thing Juliet says about Romeo being a bird she says she would kill him with kindness
Friar Lawrence accuses Romeo of not loving with his heart but with his___ eyes
What else does Juliet say she loves about Romeo (other than his looks)? his company
What is an example of an alliteration? I’ll look to like, if looking liking move
Who mentions the word grave in Act II scene III? Friar Lawrence
What is the replacement word for before used in Act II? Ere
What names does Romeo call Juliet in the balcony scene? dear saint, fair maid
What is one thing Friar Lawrence say about plants? If the evil in the plant is too prominent, that evil will destroy it
What are the exact words the Friar says when he tells Romeo to be patient? Wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast.
For what reason might Mercutio be jealous of Tybalt Tybalt is an excellent duelist
Why does Tybalt send a letter to Romeo? He wants to duel him for being at the party the other night
What is one way Mercutio insults the nurse? He says that the fan is prettier than her
What point does Juliet make about the nurse claiming to be out of breath? Juliet asks how she is able to say that she is out of breath if she is indeed out of breath
Why does Juliet get upset when Nurse asks, “Where is your mother?” Juliet knows the Nurse is just trying to make Juliet wait
What does the Nurse mean when she says ‘bird’s nest’ in Act II? She is talking about Juliet’s bedroom
What is evidence of the Friar being close to Romeo? The Friar knows about Rosaline
What does the Friar call Juliet hinting that he feels close to her? daughter
What does the friar say about Romeo being patient towards the end of Act II Scene VI? Therefore love moderately, long love doth so; Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow
What does alliteration mean? repitition of a consonant
What is a allusion? a reference to an outside source
What is a couplet? when two lines rhyme
What is an exact rhyme? rhyme that exactly rhymes
What is dramatic irony (under irony)? when the reader knows something that the characters don’t
What is foreshadowing? hinting at something that will happen in the future
What is an iambic pentameter? unstressed, stressed;5 feet
What is personification? making something seem alive
What does it mean to scan? To mark the stresses on poetry
What is a slant ryhme? two words that look as if the rhyme (Wound, bound)
What is Soliloquy? when one person talks to themself (Not an aside)
What is a sonnet (Shakespearean)? 14 lines, iambic pentameter