act ii Macbeth

when banquo says he dreamed about the three weird sisters, Macbeth says… he does not think about them
As macbeth goes to kill Duncan, he imagines… that he sees a dagger in front of his eyes
lady macbeth placed the grooms’ daggers besides them and smears the grooms with blood because Macbeth is afraid to do it himself
Duncan’s body is discovered by macduff
Duncan’s sons leaves Macbeth’s castle because they fear they will be next to be murdered
the dagger macbeth sees in his scene 1soliloquy is part of a hallucination
when Macbeth takes agitatedly about the murders, lady Macbeth urged him to try not to dwell on it
the porters cursingis ironic because he invokes the devil without knowing about the crime
banquo meets with the other nobles in order to discover the purpose of the murder
the natural disturbance that continue all night- including the screaming and murdering owl, chimneys being blown down, and Duncan’s horses turning wild- symbolize the evil of Macbeth’s deeds
in order to ____ the sailors wife who denied her chestnuts, the witch decided to torment the husband. chastise
lady Macbeth plans to leave Duncan’s chamberlains ___ of drugged wine to make sure that they would be drunk and sleepy chalices
Macbeth ___ that not all “Neptune’s ocean will was this blood clean from his hands” surmise
when their dad is murdered, Malcolm and Donaldbain quickly realize their ___ and flee Scotland plight
Macbeth gives ____ attention to the voice that cries sleep no more rapt
the innocent Duncan considered Macbeth to be a _____ kinsman peerless
the soldiers ___ their swords as they face their enemy brandish
that Duncan resembles her father ___ lady Macbeth’s murderous intentions impedes
as the time of the murder draws near, Macbeth’s mind leaves the ____ world for the world of illusions corporal
Duncan berets upon Macbeth the title of thane of Cawdor as ____ for his bravery in battle corporal
during the murder, lady Macbeth heads an owl scram true
lady Macbeth said that a little water will clear them of their deed true
the porter pretends that he is opening the gate to Hell true
both Ross and McDuff go to scone to see McBeth crowned as king false
when lady Macbeth returns to Duncan’s chamber she kills the guards false