ACT II- Macbeth

What keeps Banquo from sleeping? Cursed thoughts, bad feelings, nightmare
Two examples of King’s generosity? Gives Lady Macbeth a diamond and gives gifts to servants
What does Macbeth want to discuss with Banquo? What is his reply? The Witches; He doesn’t want to get involved
Describe what Macbeth’s “deadly vision” is. A dagger in his hand
Why didn’t Lady Macbeth kill Duncan when she had the chance? Duncan resembled her father while he was sleeping
Lady Macbeth and Macbeth must not think so seriously about the deeds or they will….? Go mad/crazy
Why was Macbeth not able to sleep? He feels awful about what he has done
Why does Lady Macbeth return to Duncan’s room? To put daggers in the hands of the guards
What lines indicate that Macbeth is overwhelmed with guilt? pg. 57- He can’t stand to look at Duncan
List four strange events that took place. Chimney falls down, owl, earth shakes, screaming
Is the porters speech ironic? Yes, he is opening the door to those who die. Macbeth’s house=hell
Who discovers Duncan’s murder? Macduff
How do Lady Macbeth and Macbeth react to the discovered death of the king? Shock and horror, Lady Macbeth fakes fainting
Who has killed the king according to Lennox? Guards
What does Macbeth mean when he says, “a gap in natural creation through the destruction could enter.”? The hole in his body is going to cause destruction
What does Donalbain mean when he says, “the near the blood, the nearer bloody?” Our enemies are close to us
What do Donalbain and Malcolm decide to do? Head off and separate
What are omens/signs that have been observed by Ross and the old man to indicate that there is evil about? The horses eat each other; owl kills a falcon
According to Macduff, why is it though that Malcolm and Donalbain have fled? They were guilty
Who is the new king? Macbeth