ACT 5. Romeo and Juliet All Study Guide Questions and Answers

Act 5 scene 1: What news does Romeo’s servant Balthazar, who arrives from Verona, tell him? That Juliet is dead
Act 5 scene 1: What does the reader know that Balthazar does not? That Juliets death was all faked and that she is actually alive
Act 5 scene 1: What letter has Romeo been waiting for? The letter from Friar Lawrence telling Romeo more about the plan for him and Juliet
Act 5 scene1: Romeo plans to return to Verona; where does he stop and what does he buy before leaving? He stops at an apothecary and buys a deadly poison
Act 5 scene 1: (When Romeo take a hold of the poison) Why does Romeo say that the vile (poison) is NOT a poison, but a liquid that will GIVE him life Because when he dies it will give him an eternal life with Juliet
Act 5 scene 2: Who is Friar John? Friar Lawrence’s friend
Act 5 scene 2: Why didn’t Romeo get the letter from Friar Lawrence? Friar John got quarantined
Act 5 scene 2: Where does Friar Lawrence quickly hurry? To the Capulets monument where Juliet lies
Act 5 scene 2: Why is it essential that Friar Lawrence find Juliet before Romeo does? Because Romeo may be to rash and kill himself
Act 5 scene 3: Where does this scene take place? (where Romeo and Paris encounter each other) Juliets grave site; Capulets monument
Act 5 scene 3: Why does the page whistle as a signal in case someone approaches
Act 5 scene 3: What errand with Balthazar have to run the next morning (Romeo gives this order to him before he enters the monument) To deliver the letter from Romeo to his father
Act 5 scene 3: What is Balthazar NOT allowed to do (as Romeo is ascending into the Capulets monument) To go in and look for Romeo
Act 5 scene 3: Who arrives at the tomb while the others are mourning? Paris
Act 5 scene 3: What has Paris come to do? Decorate the Capulet monument with flowers
Act 5 scene 3: How does Romeo say upon seeing Paris? Romeo says he must die and that is why he has come
Act 5 scene 3: What does Paris think that Romeo is trying to do? abuse the body of Juliet
Act 5 scene 3: What happens to Paris? He dies from Romeo’s hand
Act 5 scene 3: What does Paris request of Romeo before he dies? To be laid in Juliets grave
Act 5 scene 3: Why does Romeo really have to hurry now? The page sees Romeo kill Paris and goes to tell the watchman
Act 5 scene 3: When Romeo finally sees Juliet lying there what does her notice about her? That she doesn’t really look dead and that her cheeks and lips are turning red
Act 5 scene 3: What does Romeo do right before he takes the poison? He kisses Juliet
Act 5 scene 3: What does Romeo do after he kisses Juliet? (as he is beside Juliet) He takes the poison
Act 5 scene 3: When does Juliet wake up? After Romeo dies
Act 5 scene 3: When the Friar enters and Juliet is awake what is his advice to her? For her to become a nun
Act 5 scene 3: What was the flaw that destroyed Romeo? Rashness
Act 5 scene 3: What are the two ways Juliet attempts to kill herself ? By kissing Romeo she hoped to intake some of the poison as well, but that failed. She then took her dagger and stabbed herself.
Act 5 scene 3: Does the Friar accept responsibility for his role in this tragedy? No, he tries to put some of the blame on the Nurse
Act 5 scene 3: What do Capulet and Monatgue agree to do in Romeo and Juliet’s honor? Capulet will give Montague the wedding rights (land,money, etc.) and Montague will build a gold statue made in Juliet’s image