Act 5 Much Ado About Nothing

1. What advice does Antonio give his brother regarding his grief? Antonio tells Leonato to not take all the grief upon himself but to make those who caused the grief to suffer as well, namely Claudio and Don Pedro.
2. Why does Leonato challenge Claudio to a duel? Leonato challenges Claudio to a duel for wronging his innocent daughter.
3. How does Antonio defend Leonato? Antonio also challenges Claudio.
4. Why does Benedick also challenge Claudio? He challenges Claudio in response to Beatrice’s request; to prove his love for Beatrice.
5. How does Don Pedro attempt to diffuse the situation between Claudio and Benedick? Don Pedro attempts to tease Benedick about Beatrice’s behaviors; however, he does not realize that comments about Beatrice are no longer a joke to Benedick.
6. What news does Claudio learn from Borachio? When Dogberry brings the convicts forward, Borachio admits his part in the plot to disgrace Hero and that it was an unassuming Margaret at the window that night.
7. What does Claudio claim is his only sin in the events surrounding Hero’s “death?” Claudio claims that his only sin in the whole situation is that he mistook Margaret for Hero.
8. What things does Leonato insist that Claudio do in order to restore his daughter Hero’s honor? Claudio must: 1) publicly proclaim that he was wrong and Hero was innocent of any wrongdoing, 2) hang an epitaph on her tomb expressing her innocence, and 3) marry a “niece” of Leonato’s that looks just like Hero.
Why does Beatrice want to know what has happened between Benedick and Claudio? She hopes to hear that Benedick is planning to kill Claudio.
What does Claudio do at Hero’s tomb? Claudio reads a poem that he wrote about Hero, and he hangs it on her tomb.
Who sings a hymn at Hero’s tomb in her honor? Balthasar sings a hymn at Hero’s tomb.
Who does Leonato claim were completely innocent in the accusations about Hero? Leonato claims that Hero, Claudio, and Don Pedro were innocent victims in Don John’s plot.
Besides Don John, who does Leonato decide is also partly to blame for what happened to hisdaughter? Leonato claims that Margaret is also partly to blame for what happened to Hero.
What does Leonato instruct Hero, Margaret, Ursula, and Beatrice to do when Claudio arrives for the wedding ceremony? Leonato instructs the women to come in wearing masks.
How does Don Pedro describe Benedick’s expression when he and Claudio enter? Don Pedro claims that Benedick has a “February face, so full of frost, or storm and cloudiness.”
What does Claudio discover once the wedding party enters? Claudio learns that Hero is not really dead and that they are to be wed. All is forgiven.
What “evidence” do Claudio and Hero produce as proof that Benedick and Beatrice love each other Both Claudio and Hero produce sonnets that each has written about the other.Benedick and Beatrice then marry.