Act 3 Scene 4 Hamlet

Summary -polonius hides behind the arras to overhear Hamlet’s conversation with his mother and pays with his life -Hamlet confronts Gertrude with her guilt and only the ghost can put an end to his tirade of abuse
What rude responses does Hamlet give Gertrude in their first moments of meeting? G = thou has thy father much offended H = you have my father much offended G= you answer with a foolish tongue H = you question with a wicked tongue G = have you forgotten who I am? H = you are the queen, your husband’s brother’s wife (forbidden by the church) , and I wish no so you are my mother
“by the rood” meaning -by the cross on which christ was crucified
What threat/strict instruction does Hamlet give the queen? What is her response? -sit down and do not budge until I made you see the inner most part of you -Her response” What will you do? Wilt not Murder me? Help, ho!!
Why does Polonius make noise behind the arras? -he speaks “What ho! Help!” in surprise after the queen cries such
who does hamlet first kill and how? -after hearing polonius behind the arras, he jokes “a rat! Dead for a ducat, dead!” -he thrusts his sword through the arras and kills Polonius
Does Hamlet know who he kills behind the arras? does he care? -he does not know who it is -he questions in hopes if it is the king, but finds that it is polonius -he does not care-he says this murder is not as bad a “kill a king and marry his brother”
Who is a rat? What is the meaning of a rat? Polonius -rats are well known for drawing attention to themselves by squeaking
Who does Hamlet falsely accuse of killing his father? He accuses Gertrude of “kill a king”, he mistook her for Claudius
rose meaning perfection
What is Hamlet’s response to Gertrude about what she has done to cause him such rudeness against her? -call virtue hypocrite and take off the rose/perfection from the forehead of innocent love -you set brands of **** on your forehead and make marriage vows as false as gamblers moths, which takes the spiritual heart out of marriage and religion makes mere verbal outpour -the sky blushes gloomily over the entire world as if just before doomsday and is sick at the thought of what has been done
“mildew’d ear” meaning moldy ear of corn
matron meaning mature women
How does Hamlet describe his father, King Hamlet, to his mother, Gertrude? -as a god, Hyperion’s curls, forehead of Jupiter (Jove) -eye like Mars to threaten and command – a stance like that of the winged messenger of the gods – Mercury – on some hill-top -every god stamped him likeness to give the world assurance of man = this was your husband
Why does Hamlet insist that Gertrude’s love for Claudius could not have been true love? -at Gertrude’s sage, the passionate sexual period is tame and humble and waits on judgement, but what judgement would have influenced to go from a god for a husband to claudius
apoplex’d meaning paralyzed
What does Hamlet say to Gertrude about her senses? -she may have senses because she has movement, but her senses are paralyzed by madness -reason was never so captivated by passion to give oneself choice to serve in the distinction between these two men -what devil made you blind? -eyes without feeling, feeling without sight, ears without hands or eye, smelling without any of the senses -a sickly person/part could not be so unaware –
What does Hamlet say to Gertrude about a waxing candle? -if thou can revolt in mature woman’s bone, then flaming youth let virtue be a candle’s wax melting in the flame it feeds-proclaim no shame when the irresistible passion gives the charge since the cooler desires burn and reason is put to the service of passion
stew’d meaning and context -soaked-Hamlet calls Gertrude “stew’d in corruption..” -he uses it as a pun of stews meaning brothels, a prostitution house -his disgust reaches a climax
What is the Queen’s response to Hamlet’s attack on her? -you have turned my eyes into my very soul, I see such black and engrained spots that will not be washed away -“these words like daggers enter in my ear” = just as Hamlet had promised “no more”
Does Hamlet listen to the queen’s instruction for “no more”, what happens as a result? no hamlet does not listen and keeps bringing on the hurt of his words-the Ghost comes to stop him tutoring his mother with words
What does Hamlet say to Gertrude about Claudius? -Claudius is a murderer and a villain -a cutpurse = thief of the empire and rune and stop the crown -a king made of bits and pieces
cutpurse def thief
Can Gertrude see the ghost? no
What is Hamlet’s reaction to the Ghost? -he is scared?-a says “save me and hover over me with your wings” -do you not come to your slow son to reproach him that having lost time and vengeful impose the urgent acting of your dread command?
What does the ghost come to tell Hamlet? -once again, “Do not forget” -he comes to sharped hamlet’s purpose -look with amazement/bewilderment on thy mother -step between her and her fighting soul, imagination in weakest bodies strongest works -speak to her hamlet
What does the Queen remark to Hamlet about his appearance after the ghost appeared? -your eyes glare wildly as sleeping soldier does when an alarm sounds -you hear stands up on its ends -with the empty air you hold conversation
What is the Queen’s reaction to Hamlet questioning her is she sees nothing and hears nothing? -she says that it is the invention of his brain -he is making something out of nothing -madness is clever at it
What does Hamlet say about his state of mind? -it is not madness that I have uttered-my heart beats regularly and make healthy sounds 0bring me to the test and i will repeat the matter which madness would refuse to do
What does Hamlet tell Gertrude to do to avoid infection? -do not put a ointment over your trespass and speak of madness instead -you may heal the skin but corruption and infection will worsen underneath
What reference does Hamlet make to weeds? -do not spread the compost on the weeds to make the grow even more –
ranker meaning grow even more -weeds
What does Gertrude say Hamlet has done to her heart? What is Hamlet’s response? -he has split her heart in two -he replies – then throw away the worser half and live the more pure half
What does Hamlet tell her to avoid sin and change her habits? -do not go to Claudius’ bed -pretend a virtue if you have it not -if you refrain tonight it will led a easiness for continued abstinence a and make all night easier -habitual practice can change the inborn characteristics of nature -either lodge the devil or throw him out
what does Hamlet say Claudius does? -he is the monster -is destroys all understanding of evil of bad habits -he seems like a angel and uses fair and good actions and creates a habit that readily is put on this fake image
What does Hamlet believe about Polonious’ murder? -it was ordained by providence
when does Hamlet promise to be a obedient son again? “When you are desirous to be blest, I’ll blessing beg of you” -when you ask for God’s blessings, I will ask for yours
what does Hamlet say about his circumstances and the instances that have happened? -He repents, but he thinks that even is pleased -he is being punished by being the instrument of dine power -he says that he will dispose of him and justify the death I gave him -the death of polonius is where the bad began, but worse remains to come
What does Hamlet tell the Queen to do tonight? -let the king tempt you in bed, pinch you cheek, call you his mouse, let him have some kisses, let him touch you in order to find out our conversation today -disentangle everything for him and tell him that I am not made, ratherI have made in craft -do not reveal our confidences -he won’t suspect that she is hiding anything -test his theories
bloat meaning flabby
What does Hamlet warn his mother of? -to not tell Claudius any of their confidences and words that they exchanged today
what does the queen say as a promise for her secrecy? “if words be made of breath, and breath of life, I have no life to breath what though hast said to me”
What does Hamlet say about his trip to England? -he must go to england with Rosencrantz and guildenstern who are told to escort him and lead him into a trap -he will trust them as much as venomous fangs -he will let them trick him, for it is a sport to the the engineer blown up with his own bomb-Hamlet will dig a countermine a whole yard deeper and blow them at the moon -tis so sweet when two plots meet head on
What does Hamlet do with Polonius’ body? -he “lugs the guts” /drags him by the heels into the adjoining room -the counsellor who was most secret and chattering foolish knave
“I’ll warrant you, fear me not. Withdraw, I hear him coming” Gertrude talking to Polonius when Polonius is preparing to hide behind arras before hamlet comes in -she is being confident and enforcing her power
What does Hamlet’s murder of Polonius’ tell us about hamlet? -hamlet has been reluctant to kill Claudius but he kill Polonius out of impulse and without even flinching-this shows that hamlet is capable of murder
“almost as bad, good mother as kill a king and marry with his brother -hamlet’s emotions are heated and he is accusing her of killing his father -it makes the audience question gertrude’s innocence
How do most directors show the scene between hamlet and his mother? -they show it rough with hamlet touching her a lot to show his mommy issues
What pictures does hamlet force gertrude to look at? a picture of claudius and hamlet -he forces her to compare the pictures
Who unexpectedly appears in the bedroom and speaks to hamlet? -the ghost
“these words like dagger enter in my ears” gertrude speakign to hamlet-hamlet as achieved what he wants
What is the ghost wearing? -he is in no armor
“Is but to whet thy almost blunted purpose?” -the ghost speaking to hamlet -chastising hamlet and telling him that he is not following his command -he came to sharpen hamlet’s almost blunted purpose
whet sharpen
“thou hast cleft my heart in twain” -gertrude speaking to hamlet -hamlet has broken her heart in two
“I must be cruel only to be kind” Hamlet speaking to gertrude
“That I essentially am not in madness but mad in craft” what Hamlet wants gertrude to tell Claudius about him -hamlet is speaking to gertrude
“I’ll lug the guts into the neighbor room” -hamlet speaking to gertrude -in shakespeare plays they did not have stage crew so the actors dragged dead bodies off stage
How is gertrude’s innocence suggested? “AS Kill a king?”