Act 3 hamlet

What do rosencrantz and guildenstern report to the king and queen about their success with hamlet They were unsuccessful to find out what was wrong
What plan do the king and polonius devise to test whether or not the cause of hamlets conduct is love for Ophelia Arrange a meeting between hamlet and Ophelia , king and polonius hide and listen
In the famous “to be or not to be” soliloquy what is it hamlet concludes Don’t rush towards death because they fear the unknown
Why does hamlet assume madness in his interview with Ophelia and speak so harshly towards her Hamlet knows they’re watching so he has to keep the act up and vents about his mom
What advice does hamlet give Ophelia Get to a nunnery
What is the tone of Ophelia’s soliloquy Sad
What does the king infer from hamlets soliloquy and his words to Ophelia Hamlet is not crazy bc of Ophelia love its smt else
Why does the king fear hamlet The king can’t control hamlets actions
What suggestions does polonius make Let hamlet talk to his mom first and polonius will spy on them
What does hamlet say the mission of the drama is? To see if Claudius is guilty
Why does hamlet speak to horatio in the manner in which he does He wants horatio to keep an eye on someone and wants him to know he has a true friend
What change is there after the king queen polonius n Ophelia have entered Returns to madness
What is the plot of the play King hamlets murder
What effect does the play have upon the kin g Disturbs him and leaves
What point in the play within the play has been reached when Claudius reacts When Lucianas pours poison in ear
When all have left except hamlet and horatio how does the former act Happy excited madness stopped
Do hamlet and horatio accept entirely without any reservation the message of the ghost Yes
What requests from the queen does reosencrantz bring Go and see her
Of what does hamlet charge guildenstern Her trying to play him
What is the emphasis oh hamlets soliloquy at the close of the scene Going to see mother can’t physically harm her so is going to hurt her with words
In his soliloquy what does the king reveal of the murder what of his mental moral condition Admits that he killed for the crown blah blah ca r relent
Why didn’t hamlet kill king when he was praying Thought he was repenting didn’t want him to go to heaven
Who does hamlet kill who’d he think it was Polonius… Claudius
What description does he give his mom of her first hubby A god
Why dows ghost come To remind hamlet to not hurt his mind
Why does Gertrude think hamlets words and conduct indicate insanity She can’t see the ghost
What appeal does hamlet make to his mom to reform Don’t sleep with the king stay away
What does hamlet say to his mom about himself He’s not crazy
What does hamlet say about his journey to England He’ll be taken by rosencranrz and gildenstern known s smt bad coming
What does he say about his purpose to circumvent the plot of the king He’ll find the traps before they can catch him