Act 2 Scene 1, The Tempest

Which characters are optimistic, happy people? Gonzalo
What is one quote that shows this positive outlook? paragraph of line 165
Which characters are pessimistic, grumpy people? Alonso
What is one quote that shows this negative outlook? paragraph of line 115
What is so special about the clothes that they are all wearing? Ariel used his magic to make all their clothes look brand new.
Who is blamed for the shipwreck and why? Alonso is being blamed by Sebastian, because they were on their way back from dropping Claribel (Alonso’s daughter) to get married in Tunis and the shipwreck was on their way back from Tunis.
What does this accusation reveal about the speaker and his relationship to the king? It reveals that Sebastian wants to be king and doesn’t care about his brother, the king, Alonso
What causes most the characters to fall asleep? Ariel’s magic
Why are two men left awake? (Antonio and Sebastian) they discuss how Sebastian should become king
Which character already betrayed his brother to steal the throne of Milan? Antonio
What does the group believe happened to Ferdinand? They believe that is dead, he drowened and has been eaten by the fish
Who is Claribel and will she ever return to Naples? Alonso’s daughter
The two characters who are awake decide to kill which two sleeping men? Why kill these two and not the others? Antonio and Sebastian want to kill Alonso because Antonio believes that Sebastien should take his crown,
What interrupts the murder? Ariel sings in Gonzalo’s ear and Gonzalo wakes up
Caught standing with swords drawn, what do Antonio and Sebastian say to cover their betrayal? They say there are lions and bulls
How is this all part of Propsero’s plan? Prospero was directing them towards the island
Why are lines 119-137 significant? Look at story about RACE. Prospero was talking about how his brother was getting rid of him and how he took his dukedom, he also talked about how he was incapable of doing a lot of things and he hes a poor man.
Why are lines 156-166 significant? Look at story about GENDER.