Act 2 Romeo and Juliet

After Romeo leaves the capulet party, why does he break back into the capulet home? To speak to Juliet on her balcony
Where does everyone think that Romeo is since they do not know his secret? With Rosaline
At first, why does Juliet want Romeo to leave the Capulet house? If anyone sees him he will be killed
To prove his love to Juliet, what does Juliet say Romeo should do? Marry her
Who does Juliet reveal her secret love to? The nurse
Who does Romeo reveal his secret love to? Friar Lawrence
What other job does Friar Lawrence have? Priest
What is one concern that the Friar has regarding Romeo and Juliet? He just got over Rosaline
Why does the friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? It might end the family feud
Who sent a letter challenging Romeo to a dual? Tybalt
Why is Tybalt challenging Romeo? He saw Romeo at the Capulet party
Why is Romeo not able to fight Tybalt? Romeo and Tybalt will soon be family because he is marrying Juliet
When the nurse shows up to make wedding arrangements, what do romeos friends assume since he cannot tell them the truth? That the nurse is there to invite him to a ball
What concern does the nurse have regarding romeo and juliet? She doesnt Romeo to mistreat Juliet
What information does Romeo receive from the nurse regarding paris? Paris wants to marry Juliet
Why is Juliet so nervous at the beginning of scene 5? The nurse hasnt been home from speaking with Romeo for 3 hours
Why does the nurse have to get a rope ladder? So after the wedding, romeo and juliet can consummate their marrige
What momentous occasion occurs at the end of the act? The wedding