Act 1 Vocabulary for “Hamlet”

Usurp (v.): Seize and take control without authoritySynonym: AnnexAntonym: Relinquish
Moiety (n.): One of two basic subdivisions of a tribeSynonym: PartAntonym: Whole
Portentous (adj.): Of momentous or ominous significanceSynonym: ExcitingAntonym: Nonthreatening
Harbinger (n.): Something indicating the approach of something or someoneSynonym: OmenAntonym: Unexpected
Partisan (n.): A pike with a long tapering blade with lateral projectionsSynonym: WeaponAntonym: N/A
Hallowed (adj.): Worthy of religious veneration.Synonym: SacredAntonym: Desecrated
Auspicious (adj.): Auguring favorable circumstances and good luckSynonym: PromisingAntonym: Ominous
Filial (adj.): Relating or characteristic of or befitting an offspringSynonym: FraternalAntonym: Paternal
Obsequious (adj.): Attentive in an ingratiating or servile manner.Synonym: GrovelingAntonym: Arrogant
Retrograde (adj.): Moving or directed or tending in a backward directionSynonym: RevertingAntonym: Forward