Act 1, Scene 2 – Hamlet

A wedding celebration. Who is the new king of Denmark Claudius
Who has Claudius just married Hamlets mother
How does Claudius decide to deal with Norway Sends a message to Fortinbras so he can stop pestering them
What is Laertes request Return to France
Who is Laertes father Polonius
Why does Claudius refer to hamlet as his son Because he marred his mother (cousin)
What is Hamlets first spoken line in the play A little more than kin, and less than kind
What does Claudius think about Hamlets mourning He thinks Hamlet should stop feel depressed/sad
Hamlets return to Wittenberg – what is Claudius desire He wants him to stay
Does Hamlet return to Wittenberg He stays in Denmark
What does Hamlets first soliloquy reveal That he is still unstable
What is most upsetting to him How his mother moved on after 2 months
What does Horatio reveal to Hamlet That the ghost is his father
What time does he meet so he can see the Ghost Midnight