Act 1 Romeo and Juliet Questions

In which town is the play set? In what country do you suppose this town exists? (Yes, this is a real place on our planet.) Verona, Italy
How old is Juliet? What are her father’s thoughts about allowing her to marry? Juliet is 12 years old, and her father suggests that she should wait 2 years to marry.
Lord Capulet’s willingness to allow Juliet to have a say in whom she marries is pretty progressive, since most marriages for this social class at the time would’ve been arranged by parents. Why, do you suppose, Capulet is willing to take Juliet’s feelings into consideration? Because Juliet is Capulet’s only daughter, and he wants her to be happy and marry who she wants to.
Why is the Capulet servant upset about having been given a list of party guests to find? He can’t read; he is illiterate.
Why does Benvolio want to crash the party? Why does Romeo agree? He wants to crash the party to prove to Romeo that there are other girls prettier than Rosaline. Romeo agrees because he wants to prove Benvolio wrong.
What does Romeo want to happen to his eyes if they find someone other than Rosaline desirable at the party? What does this show us about Romeo? He wants his firey tears to burn out his eyes, and it shows us that Romeo is quite dramatic.
Does Lady Capulet want Juliet to love Paris? Yes. She says Paris is a gorgeous book and Juliet will be the cover.
What is Juliet’s reaction to her mother’s request? What does this show us about Juliet? Juliet says she will try to like him, but there are no promises; it shows us she is obedient to her parent’s requests.
When Sampson says he will not “carry coals,” what does he mean? What literary technique is being used in this silly exchange between Sampson and Gregory? It means that he will not endure insults from other people.
Complete this sentence: In Shakespearean times, biting your thumb was… An insult.
Is Benvolio a Montague or a Capulet? Benvolio is a Montague.
Why doesn’t Lady Capulet want her husband to get involved in the fight? She doesn’t see why it is necessary.
How many times have the Capulets and Montagues had street fights recently? Recently, they’ve thought three times.
How has Romeo been spending his days recently? Locked in his room being moody.
In your own words, rewrite Romeo’s speech about love in Scene 1, lines 176-180, line by line. Basically Rosaline isn’t into Romeo, and Romeo thinks the world is going to end because of it.
Romeo is heartsick over a girl (it’s not Juliet) who is not at all interested in Romeo. Name three of the ineffective romantic strategies Romeo has used in his attempt to woo this girl. He has tried to swoon her by giving her gold, extensive eye contact, and sweet talking her.
Why doesn’t this girl like Romeo? Because she is a nun.
What does Benvolio tell Romeo to do in order to forget the girl who doesn’t want him? He tells Romeo to notice and look at other women.
According to Mercutio, who or what is Queen Mab, andwhat does she do? Queen Mab is the fairies’ midwife that appears in dreams.
What does Romeo say about the value of dreams? That they are the truth.
What does Mercutio say about the value of dreams? He says that dreamers often lie (dreams are lies).
At the end of Scene 4, Romeo mentions the subject of his latest vivid dream. What did Romeo dream? Why isn’t he changing his course of action? What does this show us about Romeo? Romeo dreamt something bad would happen at the party;but he isn’t changing the course of his action becausehe is very care-free. It shows us that Romeo might be foreshadowing.
When Romeo first sees Juliet, what terms does he use todescribe her? He describes her as the most beautiful woman in the world.
How does Tybalt recognize Romeo? He recognizes his voice.
When Tybalt is ready to seize Romeo and throw him out of the party, what does Capulet say to Tybalt? Why? What is Tybalt’s reaction to this? Capulet says that Romeo is a good kid, and because he poses as no threat, he can stay.
How does Romeo find out Juliet’s last name? From the nurse.