act 1 romeo and juliet

in what city does the book take place? Verona, italy
why are romeo and juliet called (star cross lovers)? romeo is a Montague & juliet is a capulet & and their families hate each other
who is fighting at the beginning of the first scene? why? Sampson and gregory
who tries to break up the fight? whats the connection? benvolio , their his servants
benvolio and Montague say romeo is… sad and they don’t know why.
why is romeo sad? b/c the women he loves refuses to spread her beauty
what is benvolio’s advice to romeo? theres more fishes in the sea
why does capulet think it will be easy for montague and him to keep the peace? they both are alike
what does paris ask about capulet? that say you to may suit?
what is capulets first answer? my child is yet a stranger in the world
capulet changes his mind about paris’s question? she tells paris that she is her only hope in the world.
what problem does the servant have? he was given a list to the party and he cant read so he wont find the people
what is the name of the women romeo loves? Verona
what does romeo and benvolio decide to do ? they hav a gathering at benvolios house
how old is juliet? 15
when lady capulet asks juliet how she feels about the marriage, what does she say? she doesn’t care much
what does capulet tell juliet? that the prince want to.
according to Mercutio, who or what is queen mab, and what does she it do? a fairy who delivers babies for other fairies
what does romeo tell Benvolio? the banquet is about over and they will get there to late
what is romeos mood towards end of scene 4? hes afraid and thinks he will die
what does romeo think of juliet the first time he see her? he thinks she is beautiful
how does tybalt recognize romeo? his voice
when tybalt is ready to throw romeo out of the party, what does capulet say to tybalt? ignore him or he will cause a riot
how does romeo find out Juliet’s last name? nurse tells him
how does juliet find out romeo’s last name? nurse tells her