Act 1- Hamlet

Complete title of the play “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark”
Where is Hamlet from? Denmark
Where are the Fortinbras’ from? Norway
Polonius adviser to King Claudius
Who are Hamlet’s parents? King Hamlet and Queen Gertrude
Who does Queen Gertrude remarry to and what do people think of this? she married King Hamlet’s brother and people consider this incest
What happened to King Fortinbras? King Hamlet killed him when Denmark and Norway were at war
Name of Hamlet’s castle? Elsinore
Young Fortinbras a prince who wants revenge on King Claudius for King Hamlet killing his dad
Who is the new king of Norway? “uncle” Norway (uncle to young fortinbras)
Who are Polonius’ kids? Laertes- sonOphelia- daughter (Hamlet’s girlfriend)
Horatio Hamlet’s best friend
guards open the play (Bernardo, Fransisco, and Marcellus)
Ghost of King Hamlet very bad omen usually meant unfinished business
Why are the guards guarding Elsinore? Young Fortinbras wants revenge and could strike at any time
What are the guards doing at first? changing of the guard, it is cold and dark
Why is Horatio outside with the guards? Horatio doesn’t believe the ghost of king hamlet is appearing to them but Horatio is a scholar so if the ghost appears to him it is real
How many times has the ghost appeared to the guards before the time with Horatio? twice
What happens when the Ghost of King Hamlet appears to Horatio? Horatio orders it to speak but it doesn’t it leaves
Why doesn’t the ghost speak? it only wants to speak to hamlet
What is the ghost wearing? armor= bad omen, it is preparing for battle
What did King Hamlet take from Norway that Young Fortinbras wants back? a lot of land
What is young fortinbras like? he is short tempered and impulsive
How many times overall before the time with Hamlet did the ghost appear? 4
Marcellus asks if he should do what to the ghost? throw his weapon at it
What is Hamlet doing when we first meet him? wearing black as a statement he disapproves the marriage of his mom and uncle and grieving his father
What is in the king’s first speech? he says it stinks that his brother died and they are still grieving but life goes on; be careful of the Norway attack, they need to back off
What is Claudius trying to do in his speech to the people? trying to smooth things over with the people about his marriage to Gertrude because people don’t like it; he thanks the audience for clapping and pretending they approve
About how long has King Hamlet been dead? less than 2 months
What does Claudius do to show that even though he is the new king he isn’t weak? he writes a letter to uncle fortinbras telling him to tell young fortinbras to back off or “I will kill all of you” (showing his strength)
How does Claudius send his message to uncle fortinbras? with his messengers, Cornelius and Voltemand
What does Laertes want from the king? he came to see claudius be crowned but now he wants to go back to school in France to study
What is the king’s response to Laertes? he can go as long as polonius says he can and he did so he can go
What does Queen Gertrude say to Hamlet about Claudius? be friendly with your new dad
What thing does Claudius say to Hamlet? everyone loses a father don’t be stubborn; are you even a man; can’t you get over this
Claudius wants Hamlet to.? think of him as his dad= NEVER GONNA HAPPEN
Does Claudius want Hamlet returning to school? no he wants to keep an eye on him, Hamlet says he will stay but not for claudius, for gertrude
Soliloquy #1 theme: suicide; causes of why he feels this way
everlasting God
What does Hamlet say in soliloquy #1 about God? God’s law is against killing yourself but if it wasn’t he would have killed himself
What does Hamlet say in soliloquy #1? the world is meaningless, within a month of his father dying his mother remarries
What does Hamlet say his father was like? a great king and his relationship with his mother was good and loving
“frailty, thy name is woman” said by: Hamletmeaning: Gertrude remarrying within a month is being disloyal
What does Hamlet mean when he compared himself to Hercules? his uncle is not like his father who was like a God
What does Hamlet say that foreshadows? he says that the relationship (Gertrude and Claudius) can’t work out, it is incest
What is the answer when Hamlet asks why Horatio, Marcellus, and Barnardo are not in school? Horatio says they came for the funeral (but Hamlet knows it was probably the wedding) and they explain about seeing the Ghost of King Hamlet
What does Laertes say to Ophelia in his monologue to her? your relationship with Hamlet is temporary, he might not have a say in who he can marry
What is Laertes’ serious warning to Ophelia? if you sleep with Hamlet you are done for because if he leaves you you are a used woman and no one will ever want you so don’t sleep with him
What is Ophelia’s reply to Laertes’ serious warning? practice what you preach and don’t go sleep around in France
What is Polonius’ advice to his son? don’t tell people what you are thinking, hold on to good friends, don’t look for a fight but if you are in one you better win, dress appropriately not over the top
Ophelia a woman of her time, pushed around by males
What does Polonius tell Ophelia? she can’t be making him look foolish and hurt his reputation
What is Polonius’ advice to Ophelia? men will say anything in the heat of passion, Hamlet just wants to sleep with you
What does Hamlet call the ghost of king hamlet? he says I will call you Hamlet until I know if you are a devil or my father
Why does Hamlet follow the ghost while his friends say he shouldn’t? he was going to kill himself anyway, his life is worthless the ghost doesn’t scare him
Who goes to see if the ghost appears? Horatio, Marcellus, and Hamlet
What is Claudius still doing? drinking and partying
“And I am sick at heart” said by: Francisomeaning: something is not right
What does Hamlet say about the color he is wearing? whatever color he wears he will still be grieving
What does Claudius say Hamlet is? heir to the thrown
Hamlet’s school Wittenberg
“The funeral baked meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables” said by: Hamletmeaning: the marriage was so quick they could reuse the food
What does Hamlet mean when he says “methinks I see my father” he sees him in his dreams, Horatio thinks he is referring to the ghost
“Indeed sirs, but this troubles me” said by: Hamletmeaning: his father as a ghost is a bad omen
“give it an understanding but no tongue” said by: Hamletmeaning: swearing the guards to secrecy they won’t tell anyone about the ghost of king hamlet
“forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting” said by: Laertesmeaning: relationship is temporary between Ophelia and Hamlet
“his will is not his own, for he himself is subject to his birth” said by: Laertesmeaning: Hamlet is a prince, Ophelia is nothing
“be wary, then; best safety lies in fear: said by: Laertes to Opheliameaning: be afraid of men
What does Polonius give advice to Laertes about money? dont borrow or lend money you can lose relationships
What does Polonius say about first impressions? they are important
What does Polonius say about listening? be a good listener, give no advice
“This above all: to think own self be true” said by: Poloniusmeaning: be yourself, if you do that people will like you, you aren’t phony
What does it show about Polonius by the fact that he asks what is going on between Ophelia and Hamlet? he is nosy
What does Ophelia keep telling her father? Hamlet loves me
What does Ophelia ask Polonius to do? tell her what to think, so he does
“I do know, when the blood burns, how prodigal the soul lends the tongue vows” said by: Poloniusmeaning: in the heat of passion men will say anything
What did Polonius do to Ophelia and Hamlet that Ophelia just goes along with? breaks them up
“be thou a spirit of health or goblin be damned” said by: Hamletmeaning: to ghost of king hamlet, are you good or evil
“something is rotten in the state of denmark” said by: Marcellusmeaning: something is not right
What do Marcellus and Horatio do? they follow Hamlet and the Ghost
What does the ghost say to Hamlet at first? don’t feel sorry for me, just listen to what I have to say
Hamlet is a story about? revenge
What is the ghost doing? walking around in Purgatory, its soul is not at rest
What does the ghost tell Hamlet? and what is Hamlet’s response? if you ever loved me, revenge my murder; what ever you tell me to do I’ll do it now
What is Hamlet’s tragic flaw? procrastination
What does the Ghost say is the fake or rumor of his death? a snake bit him and he died
What does the Ghost say is the real story of his death? the King was taking an afternoon nap in his orchard when Claudius came and pored poison in his ear and the poison went through him quickly and he died
What is the problem with believing the ghost? it could be evil and lying
What was Claudius giving Gertrude even when the king was alive? gifts
What does the Ghost say of Queen Gertrude? she might not actually be virtuous, her and Claudius might have been having an affair
“Haste me to know it that I with wings as swift as meditation, may sweep to my revenge” said by: Hamletmeaning: I am going to focus on your commandment, revenge only
What does Hamlet say to Horatio and Marcellus? the ghost was a real Ghost
What is the Ghost doing to Hamlet and the others? following them “here and everywhere”
What is the biggest dilemma at the end of Act 1? figuring out whether or not the Ghost is telling the truth
even the ghost calls claudius and gertrude’s relationship..? incest
“O my prophetic soul!” said by: Hamletmeaning: i knew it!
“thus was I, sleeping, by a brother’s hand of life, of crown, of queen at once dispatched” said by: Ghost of King Hamletmeaning: in a split second everything he had was gone, it was stolen from him
“No reckoning made, but sent to my account with all my imperfections on my head” said by: Ghost of King Hamletmeaning: he died with his sins
“Let not the royal bed of Denmark be a couch for luxury and damned incest” said by: Ghost of King Hamletmeaning: don’t let Denmark go down with Claudius as king
Who does the ghost tell Hamlet to kill? The ghost says to kill King Claudius but let Queen Gertrude live, let God take care of her
“O day and night, but this is wondrous strange” said by: Horatiomeaning: this whole thing is weird
“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” said by: hamletmeaning: there are things you can’t understand
“As I perchance hereafter shall think meet to put an antic disposition on” said by: Hamletmeaning: he is going to act crazy in front of certain people so they will let their guard down around him and he thinks it will help him figure out the truth
“The time is out of joint. O cursed spite that ever I was born to set it right” said by: Hamletmeaning: Hamlet has to fix this problem the Ghost called on him
“Good Hamlet, cast thy nighted color off, and let thine eye look like a friend on Denmark” said by: Queen Gertrude
“We pray you, throw to earth this unprevailing woe and think of us as of a father” said by: King Claudius
“O, that this too, too sullied flesh would melt, thaw, and resolve itself into a dew” said by: Hamlet
“That it should come to this but two months dead, nay not so much, not two” said by: Hamlet
“It is not, nor it cannot come to good” said by: Hamlet
“My father’s spirit- in arms! All is not well. I doubt some foul play” said by: Hamlet
“I do not know my lord, what I should think” said by: Ophelia
“I’ll call thee “Hamlet,” “King,” “Father,” “Royal Dane.”” said by: Hamlet
“Why, what should be the fear? I do not set my life at a pin’s fee” said by: Hamlet
“revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” said by: Ghost of King Hamlet
“Won to his shameful lust and the will of my most seemingly-virtuous queen” said by: Ghost of King Hamlet
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