A Midsummer Night’s Dream Themes

Shakespeare acknowledges the imagination of a lover, a madman, and a poet. The poet is the greatest of all three. He creates the worlds and the story and the characters. A madman hallucinates and talks to himself. A lover imagines that his lover is beautiful no matter what she looks like.
The power of the Duke of the land Egeus requests that either Hermia marries Demetrius or is killed. Theseus can amend the law. Theseus says that Hermia can become a nun instead of death. He has ability to make war. Was at war with Hippolyta. Can make peace through marriage. (Hippolyta)
The course of true love never did run smooth The story of Lysander and Hermia. Helena and Demetrius. Oberon and Titania. Theseus and Hippolyta.
The power of magic Love potion. Antidote. Puck transforms bottom (donkey head). Puck can change his voice and become invisible. He can become other objects. The fog. sleeping powder. Unbalanced nature when Oberon and Titania are fighting.
Puck the mischief maker Puck tortures Helena. He changes Bottom’s head into a donkey. He turns into a stool and disappears when someone is about to sit down. He becomes a crab and sits in cups so when people drink he pitches their noses.
The different worlds number one Court of Athens and Greek MythologyTheseus and Hippolyta women were propertyCupid
The different worlds number two The World of the FaeriesOberon and Titania control naturePeaseblossom is responsible for dew on the ground All the magic.
The different worlds number three The world of the WorkmenThey are uneducatedThey are part of guildsThey all have english names
The different worlds number four The world of TheatreEntrances and ExitsScriptsMemorizing linesCostumes
Love is Blind Titania and BottomTitania falls in love with a donkey.Hermia and LysanderThey are in love no matter their appearances Helena and DemetriusBecause of the love potion Demetrius falls in love with Helena.