A Midsummer Night’s Dream Symbols, Themes, Alike and Different Characters

themes friendship, jealousy, love, self-acceptance, honesty
themes: friendship + love its not always easy but if you fight for it it works out in the end
themes: self-acceptance don’t always compare yourself to others, think of your good qualities not your bad
themes: honesty truth best sold at beginning, truth hurts but lies hurt more
symbols puck, love juice, eyes, night, forest, Athens city, worker’s play, fight between lovers, Hermia’s father
symbols: puck mischief
symbols: eyes truth
symbols: night mischief
symbols: forest things go wrong
symbols: Athens city laws
symbols: worker’s play comic relief, melodramatic Athenians
symbols: fight between lovers seriousness
symbols: Hermia’s father controlling males
conflict hermia vs. helena, hermia vs. hermia, theseus vs. theseus, demetrius vs. lysander, egeus vs. hermia
conflict: hermia vs. helena external, person vs. person, helena hates hermia because she thinks hermia thinks she is better than helena
conflict: hermia vs. hermia internal person vs. self, hermia deciding whether to marry demetrius or be forced into nunnery/exile
conflict: theseus vs. theseus internal person vs. self, theseus deciding whether to take Egeus or Helena’s side
conflict: demetrius vs. lysander external person vs. person, both of them love hermia then both of them love helena
conflict: egeus vs. hermia external person vs. person, different opinions on who hermia should marry